April 15, 2021


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Developing Self Reliant Food Sources in 2018

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Developing Self Reliant Food Sources in 2018
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Developing Self Reliant Food Sources in 2018Last week I did a podcast on the fact that American was bleeding out. We are losing our personal liberty at an astounding rate. The tighter packed we are into suburban life the faster these freedoms are draining. It is my goal to set as many people as possible, myself included, on a course towards self reliance. I believe that through this effort we can gain our liberties back. I am looking to create an army of Self Reliant Pioneers who are looking to forge through convenience to rediscover the freedom of producing food, sharing a community, staying fit and protecting what’s most important to you.

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My new book Come Unity: Community is the answer to gaining our communal liberties back. We have been robbed of our right to gather as neighbors and this book will show you how to get that back, among many other things. One of the most exciting things about a strong neighborhood is creating a community garden. We are going to focus on how to develop self reliant food sources in 2018.

There are a number ways you can achieve this but you have to be prepared to think out of the box. You may have to travel and learn new skills but this is what being a self reliant pioneer is all about.





Wild Edible Foraging

Growing Mushrooms

There are a other methods for gaining food liberty as well. Some are outlined in my book and others will be unveiled in the Self Reliant Pioneer Intensive which will be a group of courses available to those looking to get the full picture. These courses will be most beneficial to those in urban and suburban areas.

If you are interested in taking these courses and taking back your liberty sign up for my bi monthly newsletter. I will not bother you often but as these courses are available you will be the first to know. Till then, this article is a great primer if you don’t mind doing some work and some research.

This week on the live show at www.prepperbroadcasting.com we are going to talk about these food sourcing methods. In our hour long show we will discuss the many ways you can find self reliance through your food sourcing in 2018

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