January 24, 2022


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What’s In Your Food?

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What’s In Your Food? 
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

How To Create Those Snacks You Love With Real Food From Your Kitchen!

Food kris head shotThis show will resonate with everyone it’s all about Food and fun topics like homesteading and gardening!  This coming Tuesday night at 9pm eastern Karen Lynn has Kris Bordessa from Attainable Sustainable on the show and they will be discussing her book collaboration with some other bloggers called “Off the Shelf-Homemade Alternatives to the Condiments, Toppings, and Snacks You Love” and much more as her blog is a wealth of information as well!

Karen Lynn will also have a book review of her new cookbook on her blog and she will share the link with you during the show to go over and check out that e-book giveaway one you want to make sure you get your hands on!

2-8-15 IMG_3249Karen Lynn is so excited about this show first of all the cookbook is a subject that is near and dear to her heart as she is a thyroid cancer survivor and herself had to get off a lot of the chemicals in foods at the grocery stores but also because she is and was and always will be a condiment and topping addict! “Life is boring without toppings she says!”

2-8-15 mixedveggiesFor the prepared pantry folks this book will resonate because most likely you have what you need right in your pantry to create lots of these amazing real foods and if not probably just a slight tweak in the recipe! Kris and her fellow bloggers thought of everything.  Kris Bordessa is passionate about food and passionate about making sure you the reader get the real scoop and relevant information that matters to you.  Karen Lynn is an avid reader of Kris’s blog Attainable Sustainable and her Facebook page knowing the information will be relevant to her and pertaining to what her life’s mission is “sustainable living”.  Kris’s blog has an abundance of good solid information regarding whole foods, gardening, chickens and more!
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