Cooking Without Power and Gunshot Wounds!

Cooking Without Power and Gunshot Wounds
Two important topics worth review!

Cooking all-american-sun-ovenWho hasn’t been sitting in a car, windows up, on a winter day and become overheated from the sun pouring in the window. It has always amazed me how much heat is generated from reflection of the sun’s rays alone. There really ought to be a way to harness this incredible free power source to benefit us all…. Yes I know the Solar Industry was born long ago, but until recently the real potential of this resource hasn’t really been touched.

For the past several years I’ve been reading, watching and listening to different alternatives for cooking in the event of disaster, hot weather and recreation. Hearing the raves about solar cooking I’ve been curious so I am going to the horse’s mouth so to speak as Paul Munsen of Sun Oven will join The Other Side of a Preppers Path to introduce and talk about the virtues of solar cooking. Don’t miss your opportunity to get the real scoop and learn from a man who has years of experience in solar cooking.


Everybody who prepares for the worst should have at least one firearm and preferably much more than just one. Pistol, rifle and shotgun are all necessary weapons to own for defense and hunting. Anyone owning weapons should also incorporate firearm training and maintenance into their regular schedule. However, the last thing that anyone should ever want to have happen is to be in a firefight. Especially in a post-disaster environment.

1-7 abcdba69cb_mI will talk about first aid from A to Z (as much as I can in 1 hour) for a gunshot wound. This will include both immediate first aid as well as follow up medical care in the case that there is no higher definitive care available. As always, I will assume the worst and that you have a minimum of or even no pharmaceutical medicine available, and will talk about plant medicine and other ways of dealing with initial trauma and long-term infection.
A gunshot wound in a post-disaster situation is a nightmare waiting to happen, but being prepared to handle it correctly as quickly as possible will (depending on the location of the wound) greatly increase the chance of survival of the gunshot victim. Being prepared to handle the long-term care will increase the survival rate even more. Save $80.00 and get a SunOven HERE!

Listen in to these informative shows Cooking Without Power and Gunshot Wounds in players below!

Cooking without power!

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Gunshot Wounds!

New Education Podcasts with American Preppers Radio on BlogTalkRadio

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