September 25, 2022


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Cooking with wax! The Ark Stove

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Cooking with wax! The Ark Stove
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Cooking with wax! The Ark StoveMany of you have come to enjoy my hour long commentary once a week. You know its seldom I bring someone on the show as a guest. Frankly, I guard our time together selfishly. Also nothing bothers me more than listening to a carni barker host just try to peddle a guests products on his audience. I cant be a late night infomercial host. Every so often though I meet a person or find a product that I want to put in front of the audience. SGatt Energy has made that product. Its called the ARK stove and its got potential that has hardly been realized. I want you guys to take a look.

I met the wonderful couple behind the ARK stove at this years prepper expo. Ray and Sharon were so nice they made me think of the cannibal clan from The Walking Dead. It turned out they were just genuinely nice people with great ambition and a top notch product. Their stove runs on wax. It cooks, heats, and can even smoke with an attachment. It does all this on an unbelievable fuel source. Small pebbles of wax. I wont spoil the fun but this machine is impressive.

If you have the time join us Friday as we talk about a truely original invention with its creators. This tech could revolutionize energy in general. Here is your chance to call in and talk to these folks. If you are busy cancel your plans cuz you are in for a great one.
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