September 23, 2021


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The Case of Butter vs. Margarine

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The Case of Butter vs. Margarine
Host: Noreen “The Homestead Honey Hour”

Butter butter-vs-margarine-quoteOn the next installment of the Homestead Honey Hour, Join Noreen as she presents the case of Butter Vs. Margarine. For hundreds of years, humans consumed butter fat, lard and natural forms of fat and oil from animal sources. It was not until the margarine was introduced into the food system that we were told that the latter was bad for us and caused hardening of the arteries and heart disease. Well, what you have been told and what is true are very different stories.

Butter Margarine-Manufacturing-ProcessCome and join us while we discuss the basis for this argument. Learn all about Dr. Ancel Keys and his ruse of a study called the Lipid Hypothosis, showing that butter is bad and vegetable oil and margarine are better. Learn how margarine is made, what goes into the process and all about how Canola isn’t really a plant at all, much less an oil!

The facts are there, you just have to find them. The truth is, you have been lied to for years and years. Butter is healthy and necessary to good health, providing vitamin A and E as well as lecithin and lots of great medium fatty chain acids that help to actually nourish the body and PREVENT heart disease!

Please join Noreen this Thursday evening for this interesting and in depth look at the case of butter vs. margarine. You may leave angry, but I promise you will be motivated to scrub your cupboards of all the poison that your doctors have told you is good for you!
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