October 3, 2022


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All Things Canning!

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All Things Canning w/ guest Kendra Lynne
Host:KarenLynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

allthings canningKaren Lynn and Kendra Lynne both are farm girls will be chatting about their love of canning and discussing favorite recipes, canning tips, tricks, and tutorials and more! You won’t want to miss this interview Karen Lynn will dive right in and ask Kendra Lynne questions that she has wanted to ask her for years both of them have been in the homesteading arena for years!

Kendra Lynne has a canning DVD called “At Home Canning For Beginners & Beyond” which Karen Lynn recently reviewed for her blog and they will share a little bit about what is on that DVD and why it may be the perfect gift for the new or seasoned canner at your homestead!

Canning Survival Mom Biophoto-150x150Canning is a lost art which has recently made a huge come back…Karen Lynn says she was canning in the 80’s when canning wasn’t cool however she only wished that she had the know how that Kendra Lynne started out canning with. As a self taught canner with library books Karen Lynn is proud of what she knows but even she was surprised with some of the things she learned on Kendra Lynne’s canning DVD!

Listeners should feel free to call in or ask questions in the chat room to make sure they get their canning questions answered this should be a fun and informative radio show!

Are you ever frustrated with the canning books and don’t know where to start?
Do you feel like there is an easier way to do things?
Would you like some insider tips from an experienced canner?
If so this show is for you!
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