December 5, 2021


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Colder days, ready your garden and your stores!

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ready your garden for winterFrosty nights and cold days are just around the corner and approaching us fast. As with all seasons winter is no different when it comes to preparedness and for many it can be the most important season of all. Winter is that time for many of us that have not already started to begin our efforts to button up the homestead and be ready for the shorter and colder days that lie ahead.

Join Katzcradul on The Homestead Honey Hour as she talks about wrapping up the summer gardening and canning season. She’s planting ‘greens’, lettuces, spinach and kale every week, to have a never ending supply for the dinner table until the first winter frost. She’ll also talk about crops she leaves in the ground, even after the first snowfall. She’ll also be discussing what we need to do to put our garden to bed for the winter, in order to have it in tip-top shape for next spring’s planting. ready your garden for winter

Katz will also talk about the importance of taking stock of our equipment and supplies and replenishing where necessary…and not waiting until the last minute to do it. Although we ‘put the garden to bed’ for the winter, we should not be napping! Winter is the perfect time to catch up on all those odd jobs, that we find so hard to get to during the busy part of summer. She give a list of chores we should be working on during the ‘off season’. Join Katzcradul as she leads a lively discussion on The Homestead Honey Hour.

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