August 7, 2022


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Canning vs. Dehydrating What Method is the best approach?

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p4lstorms_150Bexar profile 300PSDehydrateYou found this great sale at the store, roast beef and carrots and you’re not sure what method would be the best approach. That’s a question that many people have; how do I know which method to utilize for with product? Come join BexarPrepper on Preparing for Life’s Storms Tuesday February 12th at 8 pm central time. We will talk about this and any dehydrating or canning questions you have. Like can you can brussel sprouts or would dehydration be better suited? Or do I can my potatoes or dehydrate them?  Bexar may not have all the answers but with 35+ years’ experience in canning and dehydrating she will do her best to answer what she can.

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