August 7, 2022


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Canning His Garden,The Canadian Prepper!

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Canning jars 2It’s harvest time folks, and for a lot of us that means canning season has begun. I’ve done plenty of blog posts about water bath canning high acid foods, so I figured it was about time to take a look at pressure canning. Pressure canning is great for putting up all the produce that is coming out of your garden, or taking advantage of all the great deals that we are seeing at farmers markets and supermarkets this time of year.

pressure cannerIf you have ever thought pressure canning was dangerous due to the possibility of food poisoning, or even having a canner blow up on you, rest assured, I’ll explain how to avoid these problems and make your preserved food safe, or at least how to tell when it’s not.

This will be a two part podcast as I first explain about the tried, true, and scientifically proven methods of canning. Then, I’ll go into some advice about avoiding a few of the mistakes I’ve made, and how to safely deviate from the approved books and start canning your own favorite recipes.

Also, with a deviation of my habit of avoiding political issues, I’ll have a few minutes to spare to talk about Canada’s role in the Syrian issue. We all have a part in this crises and I will share with you my thoughts and those of many Canadians.

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