Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?

Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?
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Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?Can she bake a cherry pie Billy Boy Billy Boy; can she bake a cherry pie? Fast as a cat can wink it’s eye! Can you, can your spouse, family members or friends? The question on A Preppers Path is can you cook? I mean more than pouring water in a styrofoam cup and putting it in the microwave for a dinner of noodles. Can you cook?

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Our world is fast changing and technology really touches everything including cooking, basically feeding ourselves. Several studies have been done revealing some almost scary facts about the ability of us to prepare our own food. Our fast paced and get it when you want it now way of life has impacted one of our most basic skills, feeding ourselves. Reports indicate that an alarming number of people don’t know how to cook or basically boil water, opting to eat out or grab prepackaged food on the go.

Issues with this lifestyle are financial and health concerns. It’s proven it’s expensive to eat out all the time and the woes associated with eating prepackaged or pre-prepared food are being discovered all the time. Obesity being one of the most glaring. Join A Preppers Path as we look our food, how it’s prepared, who prepares it and what this all means to us in the event of a disaster. This isn’t just a show for the younguns although the scariest facts concern those generations.

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