January 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Brewing at home, a bean deal and the U.S government owning land!

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I am liberty 125We are talking home brew on I Am Liberty tonight. One of my dearest friends Mike D will join us to talk a little past, present and future of brewing at home. We will also touch on just how simple a process it could be come tough times. Mike is something of a home brew scientist experimenting with various flavor combinations and alcohol contents. It truly is his passion and the reason I have asked him to join us tonight on I Am Liberty.
Also tonight, the U.S government is the largest land owning entity in the world. No surprise. Our plan to strengthen the community and build a better future and more sustainable future for our kids may just be the answer to getting some of that land back into public hands.  This is an interesting idea that cropped up in my mind staring off into the desolate waste areas downtown.
Briefly, We will touch on a bean deal that you simply have to capitalize on for your home food storage. If you are purchasing superpails from any number of dealers you will want to listen to this segment. You could be getting taken to the cleaners. No one wants. Come chat or call in there is much to talk about!
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