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Better Ways than Hunting to Provide Food!

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Better Ways than Hunting to Provide Food for Yourself in a Survival Scenario!

Better Ways than Hunting to Provide Food for Yourself in a Survival ScenarioThere are a lot of fallacies when it comes to prepping for the next big natural disaster or other SHTF scenario. It’s great that you have managed to stockpile a large amount of food in the shelter in your home and you have greatly honed your hunting skills over the years too. Here is one thing that many preppers fail to consider and that is the fact you may be forced away from your home to survive. If that is the case then you will be able to take very few supplies with you and you will probably need to find better means than hunting to provide food for you and your group.

Yes, your firearms and ammunition should certainly be a priority if you are forced to leave your home in a SHTF scenario but consider this. How much of that precious ammunition are you willing to spend hunting game if there is a total breakdown of civil order and it becomes each man for himself? You will most likely need your ammunition for self-defense as food, drinkable water, medicine and other basic necessities start to get scarce.

Here is a good article that was featured on this website that talks about how some elite preppers whole survival strategy is based on taking from you what you possess. After reading this article you definitely will not want to waste any ammunition hunting.

So then how will you provide food for you and your group if you don’t hunt? Read on to get some good ideas on how to gather food if you are forced away from home in a SHTF scenario.

4 Great Ways to Get the Food You Need When Forced From Your Home in a Survival Scenario
Here are some excellent ways to provide food for you and your survival group when the situation forces you away from your food stockpile:

1. Scavenging

You know TV shows do not always get things right when they portray doomsday scenarios but scavenging is one area they do depict accurately. In shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Jericho’ the main means of survival is scavenging and the competition gets intense for these goods as the food supplies start to dwindle.

There are several do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when scavenging for food.
● Never assume no one is around. Scout an area out for several hours before you go into it to look for food. This is especially important in urban settings.
● Don’t go alone unless you have no choice.
● Have back up standing by in case of problems.
● Be smart and at least carry small arms when scavenging.

Be smart and cautious when foraging and don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to food sources either. Examples of this are such things as churches having stocked pantries to deliver to the poor and many drug stores often have food sections too.

Also, remember to not only focus on the items in your food bag but what about the items you wear as well. One of the most important pieces would be good quality waterproof boots.

2. Foraging

Many people confuse foraging with scavenging but they are to completely different ways to accumulate food. Scavenging is collecting man made goods that are left behind by others and foraging is living off of what Mother Nature provides. When a scavenger looks at a tree or plant they see a tree or plant but when a forager looks at a tree or plant they see food, beverage and medicinal opportunities.

The trick is learning before a SHTF scenario takes place what trees and plants are beneficial as food sources and such and what trees and plants can be quite deadly if portions of them are consumed.

Fortunately there are many good books on this subject and if you don’t want to read and study one of them before a doomsday event takes place, then at least purchase a paperback copy and make it part of any BOB (bug out bag) that you have prepared in advance of any natural disaster or other survival event occurring.

Here is a link to some excellent books on edible plants and foraging.

3. Fishing

Most anyplace you end up after a SHTF scenario you will likely be near a body of water and it is more than likely that body of water will have some sort of fish you can eat in it. This is true whether you are near a small stream, lake, river or ocean. These are all excellent sources of fish.

Fish is a great food because it is full of essential proteins and minerals that your body needs. Chance are you will not have access to your favorite fishing reel and rod setup when you have been forced from your home in a survival scenario but there are still plenty of other ways to catch fish.

– Use a simple fishing line and hook setup
It is essential that a fair amount of fishing line and fish hooks be a part of any BOB you have prepared. Don’t worry about packing lures and bait because natural bait can be found anywhere. In this Youtube video an example of how this can be done.

– Build a fish trap
Chances are after any survival scenario there will be plenty of materials around that you can build a very effective fish trap out of. You can also build them out of stones and sticks too.
Here are some examples of easy to build and effective fish traps:

Stick fish trap (Youtube video)

Plastic bottle fish trap (Youtube video)

4. Trapping/Snaring

Maybe hunting will not be your main source of providing food for you and your survival group but that does not mean you can’t have fresh meat from time to time. Building animal traps and snares is an excellent way to provide food for yourself.

The nice thing about making traps and snares is that they are very similar to fish traps because they can usually be built from what you find laying around or what nature provides.

How to build an animal snare (Youtube video)

How to build an animal trap (Youtube video)

Don’t Be Picky About What You Eat
Sure most of us would rather have a nice slab of venison as opposed to squirrel soup but keep in mind you are trying to survive and not trying to create gourmet meals for yourself. Minnows can provide just as much nourishment as bass if you eat enough of them too.

You should even be prepared to eat bugs as a food source. In a SHTF scenario you will be reminded every day that your life will never be the same so eat to survive and forget that you once ate for pleasure.

Being Prepared Is the Key to Providing Food for Survival

Without a doubt it’s a scary world we live in today. Religious fanatics want to create mass casualty situations, rogue leaders are developing atomic weapons and global warming seems to be maximizing the power of natural disasters. That is why it’s more important than ever to be prepared if a dreaded SHTF scenario rears its ugly head and civil order as we have come to know it breaks down.

Being able to find food in multiple ways is one of your main keys to survival in any survival scenario where you are forced away from your home. So please strongly consider what we have discussed in this article and take the appropriate steps to know how to get food for yourself in any survival situation you find yourself in.

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