August 12, 2022


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Beekeeping and the rewards!

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Bee keeping and the rewards (part1)
Hosts: Nick and Don “We Grow Ours

Beekeeping and the rewards!WeGrowOurs is dedicating this show to the furry little flying critters that allow all of us to grow our own food! Bees are an amazing super-organism that not only provide the nectar of the gods, but allow us to grow our food! These little guys are in some big trouble as well, and backyard beekeeping may be one of the answers to saving them, and us! Take a listen and learn about these amazing creatures! Did you know that bees are in rapid decline and that we all will suffer if they disappear? Here are a few factors from the “” website that may be the issue:

What is the cause of the Bee Decline?
Media seems to whitewash the facts but it is becoming hard to continue the myths of Cell Phones, and Bad Beekeeping. The scientific community has proven the population of honeybees has been adversely affected by:
• Neurotoxic pesticides
• Mites & viruses
• Mono-crop agribusiness
• Migratory honeybeekeepingBeekeeping and the rewards!

But we also believe that the present loss in vitality and reduced capability of survival of the honeybee is not only caused by commercial agricultural practices with their monorops and poisons, but also by our attempt of making beekeeping as profitable as possible which has driven and shaped our practices for over 100 years, including:
• Artificial queen breeding
• Recycled wax or plastic foundations
• Feeding sugar/corn syrup in large quantities
• Exploitive honey harvests
• Swarm prevention
• Migratory beekeeping

Beekeeping - Solitary Bee HiveNot only will we discuss this with Charley of, but we learn a lot about the behavior of the bee. Did you know that a single bee produces only a few drop of honey in its life? You will after listening! How about that honey has no expiration date? This episode is not to be missed! Charley invented a “backyard” bee keeping method and system that changes the game and allows people to keep bees in just about any size lot of are. They have people doing this in the city on balconies! Be sure and check out for information on this new way of bee keeping. Also tune in next week for part 2 on bees. We will be talking bee removal, bee keeping, and Africanized bees with a local Arizona beekeeper!
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