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5 Survival Recipes You Can Make from Your Stockpile

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5 Survival Recipes You Can Make from Your Stockpile

Survival RecipesIf you’ve been prepping for any length of time, you’ve started to build up your pantry stockpile to draw from when SHTF or when times get lean. There are many different survival pantry lists out there that list out what types of food to stockpile and how to store them properly.

8-7-16 P1000280But do you know what kind of meals can you make from all that food in your stockpile? There are many people today who have become dependent on fast food, convenience food, or takeout food. Many people may not have the knowledge and experience needed to cook gravy from just meat drippings, flour, and water. Making gravy and sauces is one way to enhance the taste of meager meals that may become necessary following an economic collapse.

The ability to make recipes from your survival stockpile that you and your family will eat and that will sustain you for the day’s chores will be crucial. Manufacturing, shipping, and commercial trucking will grind to a halt making convenience foods, fast foods, and takeout non-existent. Here are 5 survival meals to consider that you should be able to throw together from the food in your prepper stockpile.

  1. Oatmeal Delight

This is a great breakfast and a quick way to fuel up for the coming day. If your survival pantry includes Old Fashioned Oatmeal packaged for long-term storage, you can cook some up by just adding water and boiling. Once it’s cooked, add whatever flavorings you like. Some things to consider adding to your oatmeal to delight your senses include:

  • Maple syrup or honey
  • Milk
  • Raisins, cranberries, nuts, or dates
  • Peanut butter
  • Cinnamon, Sugar, or brown sugar
  • Granola
  1. Pemmican

8-7-16 IMG_1673When you have to be on the go whether to bug out or just to be out scavenging supplies for a day or two, knowing how to make your own pemmican is a great skill to have. Pemmican is made from dried powdered meat and fat. You can even add your choice of fruit, peanut butter, and raw honey to suit your taste.

  1. Vegetable Beef Soup

8-7-16 Emergency CookingThe well-stocked prepper stockpile should include beef bouillon cubes. Use the bouillon cubes to make a beef broth (typically 1 cube to 2 cups water). Throw in a couple cans of mixed vegetables or use fresh vegetables from your garden. Add everything to a large stock pot over medium heat. If you have dried beef, you can add as well. Include onion and celery from the garden if available. Cook until vegetables are soft. Serve with thick bread spread with butter or honey.

  1. Southwest Chicken

Every prepper pantry should include chicken, whether you raise your own chickens and butcher them or stock up chunk chicken in a can. Cook your chicken with a little salt and pepper. Throw in some black beans and/or red beans in chili sauce, kidney beans if you have them. Let simmer until beans are cooked through. If available, sprinkle cheese on top right before serving.

  1. Tuna on Toast

Make a creamy gravy first by melting about one-quarter cup butter and adding one-quarter cup flour, blend with a fork. Add 2 cups milk, stir frequently to prevent clumping. Stir in one can of tuna, salt and pepper to taste, add canned peas if available. Continue cooking until heated through. Serve over toasted bread.

There are tons of variations on the above meals depending on what you have available in your survival pantry and from the land around you.

Following an extended grid down scenario or SHTF event, it will be important that you also learn to make use of wild edibles. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, dandelions, and other wild plants, are a few that may be growing in the near you. You will also want to consider planning and planting a hidden survival garden. Keep it out of sight from any potential looters or raiders that may come through your area.

As your survival stockpile runs out, you will come to rely more and more on what you can grow, raise, or forage from the land around you. In addition to ways to secure food, you will need to know how to properly preserve and store food to avoid falling prey to these 5 food storage enemies.

There are actually a whole range of survival and homesteading skills you will need to learn in order to survive a long-term grid-down situation. The skills you need to learn will greatly depend on whether you will bug in or bug out and whether your environment will be urban or rural. Regardless of your circumstance, the 5 Survival recipes above can be easily made from even the most basic stockpile.

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