October 3, 2022


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Eating Bugs and Offal

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Eating Bugs and Offal
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Eating Bugs and OffalThis show might make you queasy.   If you are squeamish you might not like this one, but it’s a subject that needs to be covered and something you might benefit from. So why talk about this?  Why bother?

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In an extended grid down scenario, protein and fat could become scarce and you cannot count on hunting and actually killing game.  A real SHTF situation will dictate that we eat the entire animal and possibly supplement with insects.

Now is the time to learn how to eat these, not once it hits the fan.   Learn to cook and eat offal and insects now, not when you have to.  How many of you have ever had Haggis, Tacos del Lengua, Chitlins or Chitterlings, Black Pudding, Sweetbreads, or Foie gras?  If so, then you have had offal and I bet you didn’t barf on it.

The worst part of a rat can taste perfect and the best part of a cow can taste like junk depending on how it is cooked.  The idea here is to get over the mental game and just try it.   Do you like bacon?   Do you like the smell of bacon cooking?  Did you know that there are bugs that taste like bacon?  Join us and find out which one.

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