January 19, 2021


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Renaissance Man introductory show economy and more!

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Renaissance Man introductory show economy and more!
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Renaissance Man introductory show economy and more!On this, my first show with Prepper Broadcasting Network, I will start off with a brief introduction about me and some of the information that I will be covering. We will then look over some economic indexes and any key news related to the economy and preparedness. In this show I will tease upcoming show topics and generally get settled in to go over some basics.

We will delve into some of the basics of how we come to the conditions that currently exist. Fiat currency, Debt Bubble, Inflation/Deflation, Federal Reserve, Gold and Silver manipulation, paper contracts and ETF’s. We will cover some of these so that you become familiar with these terms and what they mean.

I will introduce some indexes that I monitor on a daily basis like VIX, BDI (Baltic Dry Index), Misery Indexes, Mining Stocks and ETF’s and a number of ETF Symbols that we can all watch. We’ll cover the Hidden Inflation; the shrinking of retail grocery packages and we’ll discuss some strategies that we can all employ in order to best prosper coming out of a Great Depression.
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