December 4, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Are you prepared to be unemployed?

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Are you prepared to be unemployed?
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Are you prepared to be unemployed?You prep for disaster, stock up and fortify. Gain the tools & talent to handle catastrophe. But what if, instead of a bad storm, earthquake, tidal wave, forest fire or zombie attack, disaster comes visiting in a totally unexpected form.

What if YOU lose your job? (BTW… What if you are totally alone on your own?)

What if out of the blue you get a pink slip? Or the doors to the shop are padlocked, & your cushy position at Acme Widgets is a thing of the past? How prepared are you?

Losing one’s source of income can be just as catastrophic as if a tree fell on your house, as had happened with me not long ago. Well, Thursday’s show is another inspiration of real life, my life. I’ll likely be out of a job within 2 weeks.

It’s a typical story & I explain more in the show, but suffice it to say the specter of being unemployed, something I haven’t experienced in some 30 years, is looming. How prepared am I?

We spend an hour going over the prospect, and sorting out some things that any hard worker faces when their employment rug has been pulled out. While the show may be therapeutic to me, it’ll be informative & educational to you.
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