SHTF Prepping for City Dwellers!

SHTF Prepping for City Dwellers
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SHTF Prepping for City DwellersThis is a concept that is hard for many city dwellers. Without proper room how can you possibly prep or create a bug in plan? How many preppers do you know that say they are in an apartment and very limited on what they can do? I have known a few and one common problem is food storage space which is very limited. But how can we get around this?

There are a few other obstacles that should be considered when choosing to bug in, in an apartment. Take for example security, we will talk about this a lot since most apartments might be high priority for those susceptible to hungry to scavengers. This can mean bad news for those single apartment dwellers. I will also talk about those still in a city but who live in a house, are they better off? Worse? What is the scenario here that can make you better than apartment dwellers? These are tough topics to discuss when you have very limited space, household members, and security.

I will also give you a few tips on how to manage food indoors. A past friend of mine, a prepper, was fond of growing inside and it was kind of ingenious what he did. I will share this with you and hopefully it will make you think about other ideas on what is possible. We also have to think about water. This can be tricky in an apartment or even a house, utilities may be lost with no fresh sources of water. You will be dependent on what you have at hand or what you can procure, there are options we will look at.

So what do we do about security? Those that have not prepared and are desperate, scavengers, will most likely look through apartments to find what they need. What can you do to protect what you have? Can you set traps, do you have guns in your apartment? All of these are questions that hopefully we can answer on this episode, so enjoy the show!
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