October 3, 2022


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Creating an Emergency Plan… Part 2

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Creating an Emergency Plan… Part 2
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Creating an Emergency Plan… Part 2Dave has Guy Snodgrass return to finish up how you can create an emergency plan. Guy answers key questions on how to pick a bugout location and more importantly when the right time to bugout is. What are the trigger points that would make you implement your bugout plan and haul butt to your place in the woods? They will also talk about how you can select people for your group and what needs to occur when bringing people into your group. Guy will help you find holes in your emergency plan as well as things to consider prepping for in 2018. Dave will ask Guy what disasters he is prepping for and what keeps him up at night. Finally, Guy will cover the complete planning cycle so that you can ensure the bugs are worked out of your bugout plan!

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As always, Dave will cover the week’s news and he will get Guy’s prospective as well on current affairs. Bring all your Prepper questions to this show and get them answered in the chat room. There will also be surprise give away broadcasted live during this show so tune in to have a chance at winning a gift.

Dave always looks for the best Prepper products and great deals on them so on 14 April Dave has Danny Santana back on from Biolite Products with another fantastic deal on these innovative products that everyone should have in their Prepper supplies. Biolite has a stove that cooks your food and generates electricity at the same time. They also have a solar light set that lights up your entire camp site. Check out this article in Men’s Journal Magazine:

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