August 11, 2022


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Every Day Carry Emergency Kit

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Every Day Carry Emergency Kit
Karen Lynn “Lil Suburban Homestead

Emergency KitDo You Have An Every Day Carry Emergency Kit?  – If Not It’s Time To Get One!

This week on Lil’ Suburban Homestead Karen Lynn has a very knowledgeable guest Chris Ruiz blog owner of the Bug Out Bag and author of The Every Day Carry Guide.  Karen Lynn will be asking Chris about his blog, his book, and also finding out some good practical prepping tips for all her listeners.

7-23-15 ruizAre you prepared for any emergency?

Do you think prepping is for all age groups or limited to just some?

Do you think being prepared has to be expensive?

Chris shares about his book that tells you step by step how to build your every day carry kit – very exciting stuff and Karen Lynn and Chris dive in to topics like knowing your local area, helping family members get prepared, and what’s so important about flash lights just to name a few of the items they will be discussing!

7-23-15 ruiz2As we prepare for the future our needs change over time and this show addresses not only that topic but many others on the topic of being ready for every eventuality.

Karen Lynn asks Chris about what types of survival emergencies are folks not thinking about?  She shares her prepping weaknesses maybe you share some of the same or maybe you can hop in the chat room and give Karen Lynn some ideas for her to to use as well.

There is something for everyone whether you are single, raising a family, or in the empty nest like Karen Lynn and The Viking.

Join Karen Lynn and her guest Chris Ruiz in the chat room….Karen Lynn will be there to talk with you about topics during the show!

Listen to this broadcast on Every Day Carry Emergency Kit in player below!

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