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Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family

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Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family

Emergency Preparedness for You and Your FamilyIt would take an ambulance or emergency workers to help take care of any harmful or havoc situation which may happen on a street or in a community. What will you do if God forbid anything happens in your own home? Should you be prepared for any emergency situation or circumstance which may befall at your home or to your family? It would help if you are prepared to take care of yourself and your family in the shortest span of time instead of being panicked and reaching out to call 911.

It is easy being well prepared to face any calamity or an emergency situation anywhere or anytime. Here are some basic steps which will help you to care of your loved ones during any sudden emergency situation.

Planning Ahead

7-20-16 1The dangers of sudden disasters or hazardous situations are very real which can happen so fast and leave you no time to prepare. Therefore it is better to prepare for sudden earthquakes, tornadoes, fire accidents or blizzards. Also it is most essential to make an emergency plan beforehand. It would serve as an action plan to know what to do in case of any emergency. It would hardly take a few minutes to make one and discuss it with your family.

List down a number of emergencies or potential dangers which can happen all of a sudden. Include on how to assemble and meet at a place in your home where everyone can go easily. Remember to include all the necessary contact details of all emergency services close-by in your area. Also make sure that every member in your family has a photocopy of this plan. Make additional copies of it to keep it in your car, in close by drawers, at work and save a soft-copy in your computer.

Knowing Multiple Emergency Exit Points

7-20-16 2Most people freeze during an emergency situation due to panic and may forget useful information like nearby exit points. Make an easy floor plan of your home to show all the possible exit points from each room, detailing on the specific way to take in case of a fire emergency. Don’t forget to include the main exit route and an alternate exit route too. In case you’re living in an apartment, remember not to take the elevator. Instead plan on going from the stairs as power failures usually occur especially in situations like fire or earthquakes.

You also need to know your neighborhood areas which might be adjoining any nearby hospitals or emergency service centers. Think of more than just one option to serve your purpose as you would be in a hurry. In case you get separated from your family during any situation, decide upon a safe place near your home where everyone can meet.

Emergency Evacuation from Your Workplace

It is also important to prepare a safe evacuation plan at your workplace. Discuss with your employer about safe exit points, fire alarms and meeting points. Do keep some basic supplies at your workplace like first aid kit for such situations. Make sure that you have all your IDs, licenses and health insurance ID cards inside your wallet along with pictures of your family members just in case.

Taking Care of Your Children

When it comes to taking special care of your young ones the right way, they need special consideration, especially when there is an emergency. Teach them who to contact during an emergency situation with proper contact details. You can also contact their daycare services or the school management to teach them to be confident while dealing with such situations. Meet with their daycare or school management to assign or dedicate a family member who can come to pick them up in case if you are not available.

Final Safe Home Instructions

We know that your home needs special considerations especially in emergency situations. Make sure that you have installed smoke/carbon monoxide detector, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a panic safe room. Fire extinguishers should be well placed at every level in your home especially in the kitchen. Teach your older children how to use it effectively. Also ensure that your family members know how to switch off the electrical panel, gas or water supply with safety precautions.

Always remember to take care of your old loved ones and kids in such situations. They will be looking up to you to save them. Prepare an emergency backpack to have items such as food, water,  and flashlight. Also a portable radio to listen all the emergency broadcast channels to know what is happening in case of any natural disaster.

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