The Worlds End List!

The Worlds End List 2015
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

1-1-15 Pasted Graphic 1Worlds End ApocalypseThis week, it’s time to the bring in the new year with a bang! The Apocalypse Nana Show presents, “The Worlds End List: 2015”, discussion about all possible worlds end scenarios in the coming year! Join Jackie, Rob, and Dom as they talk about the possibilities of the world coming to an end in 2015, and what you can do to prepare yourself for the worst! This week’s special year-end show will be a prerecorded edition, so be prepared for an all-out, special edition of the show that’s sure to help start your new year on the right foot.

Worlds EndNuclear war. A deadly pandemic. An asteroid impact. There are many ways the world as we know it could meet its end. But what is actually possible to happen in 2015? Our hosts will review and discuss the scenarios, the warning signs, and ways the average person can be prepared should such an event occur. However, there are events nobody could prepare for, and our crack team will not rule these out either! Zombie Apocalypse? They’ll talk about that! Alien Invasion? Yep, that too! An army of dragons rising from deep beneath the surface of the earth? Jackie, Rob, and Dom will discuss it all.

Additionally, this week we’ll check back in with Chet Chasterson! Our hosts enjoyed working with Chet during the Nennie Awards and have reached out to Chet to come back! Chet will be providing a live update of his New Year’s preparations, and all the glitz and glamour that entails!

It’s going to be a can’t miss, non-stop party to send 2014 off in the right way! Jackie, Rob, and Dom will be fielding your questions, while the show is airing (Thursday) Via Facebook comments and tweets, so make sure you tune in for “The List: 2015”! The Apocalypse Nana Show is live Thursdays at 9 PM EST, as part of the Prepper Broadcasting Network, so be apart of the podcast that’s sweeping the Post-Apocalyptic nation!
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