August 15, 2022


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Winter Survival
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house-outside-1219121428aIn this episode of the 7 P’s of Survival Radio Show we will be talking all things winter survival and preparedness. While we are all most likely a few weeks away from out first major winter storm now is the time to stock up. Get your essential emergency supplies before prices go through the roof or supplies are scarce or simply not available.

10-18-16-111914_shep_snow_640We will also talk about various aspects of winter preparedness. The proper car kit, a house kit, tips and tricks for staying warm when camping, long-term power loss considerations, a winter storm kit, heating methods and more. I wrote about this same topic two years ago during a major winter storm that hit t
he east coast. Earlier this same year I spent the better part of four days shoveling snow at work just to keep the garage doors clear in case of an Ambulance call. Our area was hit with 3′ of snow in a 12 hour period.

Winter SurvivalI have been fortunate as of late to not have many issues with power loss at my home. However, growing up in rural West Virginia we seemed to lose power every time a thunder storm rolled through or we had more than six inches of snow. I have spent several weeks in the winter without phone/internet/power/etc. As an emergency responder when the storms start that is when most of the work begins. I’m usually out on the roads when they are at their worst. Due to always being out in treacherous I have built an extremely functional winter preparedness kit to get me out of most scenarios that could be thrown my way.

The last portion of the show is dedicated to winter camping and ways to enjoy your outdoor pursuits. Even more can be had in winter as we reach colder temperatures. People are always asking if I’m part polar bear as I love winter camping and prefer to be in the cold 24/7 if at all possible. To say winter camping is my element is an understatement. I have slept in temperatures as low as -22 and will tell you a few secrets about how to keep toasty throughout the night and not wake up freezing at 4am.
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