December 4, 2021


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Into the Wild with Apocalypse Nana!

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“Into the Wild’
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

Wild 2012No matter what the survival situation, one must determine whether they dig in or run for the hills. Both choices are completely opposite and what you do while there and to prepare will surprise you.

This week on Apocalypse Nana we visit the question, what is a better skill to have. Wilderness or Urban Survival. What to do for each and are they really all that different? In the wild or on the streets. What can you do to get ready for just about anything.

wild briarWith us this week, we have Author, Cartoonist, and creative gem, Briar Lee Mitchell.
For the past 40 years Briar has been an illustrator and a writer. As an artist, Briar exhibited in The Smithsonian, worked for Warner Bros. and Disney and has been able to travel the world with the Air Force creating paintings for the National Archives. Briar even went as far as McMurdo Base in the Antarctic along with James Cameron.
Briar lives in Florida and teaches college (Game Art Design for the Art Institute) and do K-9 Search & Rescue with my amazing partners Bardy and Thor. Yes, Thor!

K-9 search and rescue, we’re pretty certain, the Apocalypse Nana Show will not be asking Briar about saving the family pet in the shelter.

7-24-14 BIG-ASS-SHARKWhen asked about survival, Briar had this to say, “A bit above average. I lived in California for over 20 years (Los Angeles, San Francisco) and survived quakes (January 17, 1994 – Northridge Quake) and one riot (Rodney King) and learned quickly that when things go bad as fast as they can in a quake or a riot, you can pretty much get put on hold calling 911 and you are on your own. I keep gallons of water, at least 2 months of food in water proof sealed containers, for myself and my animals, have a generator, and, have guns. If a disaster hits, I would probably try to weather it out at home, however, I also keep supplies of food and water in my SUV to make a run for it. I keep supplies in my SUV all the time because I assist law enforcement find missing persons.”

7-24-14 stepAlso scheduled on the show is Stefan Verstappen. His extensive research on civilization and historical collapse is fascinating. He had written the spellbinding book, The Art of Urban Survival. Stefan will surely be an informative addition.

New to the show’s format is the introduction of the ‘live’ co-host guest. Live as opposed to zombie, the guest will aid in building a fun chemistry on the show and add a spicy angle to questions.

wild bigfootThis week’s guest co-host, by listener demand is RW Clinger. An eccentric author and brave man. RW has known Jacqueline for twenty years. Because of the show’s topic, RW and Jacqueline will tell the story of the 1999 expedition. Before popular cell phone usage, RW and Jacqueline braved the wild in search of Bigfoot, only to find themselves, lost in the wilderness with limited resources, weather battling against them and injuries. They emerged miraculously unscathed but not without an educating tale.

With Briar’s earthquake and riot experiences, along with RW’s wild wilderness saga, Apocalypse Nana will surely examine first hand Wilderness VS Urban survival. The show will be one to remember.
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