March 5, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Gun Show 5-6 125 Ever wonder what it’d be like to fight after SHTF? What if it was triggered by a grid down due to economic collapse, or worse yet, an EMP? Would you be ready to fight without the use of modern equipment and communications?
In a way, it’d be like getting teleported back in time to the WWII era. If you really want to know what that’d be like, find a WWII vet who still has his quick wits and memory, and ask him to tell you about his experience…
… or on second thought, just tune in with player below to The Gun Show!, and Eric Denton1946listen in as Dave Womach sits down to chat with Eric B. Denton – a Second Lieutenant in “G” Company of the 275th Infantry. He served our country during WWII from Jun 1944 to September 1945 and still has the stories to tell.
In a pre-interview, Womach asked him, “What’s the one thing that would have made the war easier for you?” The answer is something that we all have access to now… tune in to find out, and hear his stories from the big war .

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