Triage, Post-Collapse Priorities
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Triage 650x500_upscale_q85The worst has happened. The S has hit the F, and civil unrest has erupted in its wake. Resources are tight, and many good people are now open to doing some not so good things. One day, a group rolls into town, raids your neighborhood’s resources, guns blazing. Your group fights back and wins. But, now there are bodies on the ground, and it’s your job to patch people back together. What do you do?

Triage, Post-Collapse PrioritiesThis week on Herbal Prepper Live, I’m joined again by Chuck Hudson, former combat medic, survival expert, and my co-host on The Medic Shack. Chuck has seen battle overseas and knows what it takes to help people stay alive when all seems lost. He teaches what many medics call “ditch medicine” and beyond basic life-saving skills in his Battlefield Medic course.

Triage, Post-Collapse PrioritiesIn this episode, Chuck will discuss what it is like to be the medic in extreme and dangerous situations, such as the hypothetical scenario I described above. What are the priorities? What is triage and how do you do it? What are the most important things for a medic to remember when faced with such an emergency and everyone is counting on you to get it right? Plus, how do you train and prepare for these kinds of emergencies?

Herbal Prepper Live150No matter if you carry an herbal trauma kit or a conventional one, it is important that you hear this show. If you are preparing yourself to function as the “medic” for your family, group, or neighborhood, you need to understand the principals and hard realities of how to triage. Also to be discussed are the most common injuries and medical skills that a medic would be faced with if our polite society suddenly finds itself facing civil unrest, as well as the importance of building and training your own emergency medic team.

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