December 3, 2022


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Surviving Disasters Pt 2

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Surviving Disasters Pt 2!
When Mother Nature isn’t to blame!
Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided!

Surviving Disasters Pt 2You’re faced with a decision you thought you would never have to make. You and your family have to leave everything you’ve ever known behind in order to escape danger. What do you do? What do you take? Where will you go? Are you even ready?

Since September is National Preparedness Month, as we once again open the Armory Vault door, we are going to head back into the storm shelter and step back into the realm of surviving disasters. This time we will touch more on the subject of natural disasters.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Surviving Disasters Pt 2” in player below!

Hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, flooding, etc. However, we will not limit the show to mother nature, alone. We will also discuss other kinds of disasters such as job loss, family illness, financial loss and the like. Sometimes life can be pretty hairy. Multiple things can happen, whether natural or otherwise, that can cause our lives to be thrown into turmoil at the drop of a dime. So, being prepared with a plan of action and readying our minds to react calmly and think clearly are going to be an integral part of any preparedness plan. When an emergency strikes, we won’t have long to make decisions that we should have already made arrangements for.

Growing up in the region of Northeastern Texas, where natural disasters are commonplace, the Mistress of Metal knows all too well about the devastation that can transpire without much warning. She will share her experiences, how her family prepared, and give you tips to help you improve your level of readiness.

Gunmetal (Dane) will talk about his Prepper Product Pick of the Week, it’s features and let you know where you can also pick it up. He will also speak about his week at the Range, any significant occurrences, interesting firearms or ammo he encountered or was able to shoot. Any relevant Second Amendment news and/or gun laws is always on the list of topics, as well as our weekly Give-away!

So, don’t miss out, and join us this week as we learn more about disaster survival and could-be life-saving techniques on THE GUNMETAL ARMORY!

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