December 5, 2022


Self reliance and independence

SitRep, Riot Survival: 3, and Self-Defense with The Gunmetal Armory

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Broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button, create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and still train all the way up.

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Welcome to the gun metal armory. Here’s your host. Dave Cain was up everybody. This is the gun metal armory what’s up team gunmetal. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for joining us today. Today is, well, it’s going to be a prerecorded podcast because I have to go to work today and I won’t be home until after nine o’clock. So, well, nine o’clock Pacific for some of you that’s like 1130 or 12, I think.

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But anyways, I don’t want to go live that late. That’d be ridiculous. That’s almost the next day. So I’m going to pre-record it and just do what I can here. Now. The other thing about this is going to be that I’m not, let me, let me rephrase. I’m not going to, I don’t know if I’m going to do a full hour. I’m just going to go ahead and do the podcast and go as long as I can for whatever, you know.

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So just talk about whatever I’m going to talk about until I’m done. So that being said, let me find my show notes here. So last week we didn’t really talk about much. I wasn’t able to do a show because there’s so much happening here on the homestead and so much going on that I wasn’t able to get on and do any kind of a podcast for you guys, which honestly, you know, it’s, it’s a, it’s difficult, you know, sometimes to do these podcasts because of everything going on, if you’ve ever done any kind of podcast or anything like that, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Sometimes it’s, it’s rather difficult to, to be able to do what you want to do, but we do, we do have tonight, we are going to do tonight. So that’s good. That’s always very good. So let’s dive into this stuff. Let’s see what we got here. Let’s let’s get into it. We’re we’re going to be talking tonight about riots survival. We’re going to be talking about riots. We’re going to be talking about the announcements that are going on.

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You know, we’re gonna be talking about some of the news that’s been hitting lately. Some of the craziness in the news, we’ll be talking about armed citizens. Speaking of guns, if you want to know how to convert your AK 47 into a survival rifle, you can check out my book. The let’s see, sorry, building the prepper armory series, the AK 47 survival rifle builder’s guide. You can find this

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They have it for sale. You can find links to it on private broadcasting network. And if you’re on Amazon, you can look up AK 47 survival rifle, and you will find the book written by Dane D that’s me. So yeah, if you guys want to check it out, please do, you know, pick, pick stuff up a copy. I think you’ll really, really enjoy it. A lot of information in there on what to do and how to do it. You know, history, modifications of the platform, things that you can do to make it more conducive towards survival.

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And so,

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You know, I, I always thought, you know, if, if I could only have one firearm to use for survival, how would I need to modify it? And that’s, that’s kind of the basis for writing these books, you know, as, as the, the ability to convert one firearm into exactly what you need and to have it last.

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So yeah,

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You guys check it out, you know where to find it. And if for some reason you’re having trouble finding it online, please, please, please feel free to email, ask me and say, Hey, where do I find this book? You know? And I’ll give you a link, man. I’ll definitely give you a link. Speed of links. If you guys can get onto my YouTube channel and subscribe, that’d be amazing. I’d really appreciate it. I know I haven’t gotten a lot of content out there lately, but I promise you more is coming.

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It’s gonna involve me. The mystery is a metal, probably miles, Mark angel dynamics, and a lot more. So give us, give us a, give us a chance and we’ll keep going. All right. Also there’s likely to be a new YouTube channel coming out very, very soon from the mistress of metal herself, she will be going on and doing her own thing. This is going to be all about prepping and you know, homesteading and things like that.

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So keep your eye out for that. I will definitely let you guys know. As soon as that hits the scene.

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Let’s see. What’s next. What’s next? All right, let’s talk. Let’s get into this. Let’s talk about this here. Okay? Okay. So I’m going to, I’m going to get up and pace while I, while I record this, that’s something a lot of you guys don’t know about me. I get up and I walk around and I hold my, I hold my laptop in my hand. And I walk around. I look out the windows of the house. I look around outside. I’m just, I’m one of those people that when I talk, I like to, I like to move around.

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I don’t know. I don’t know why I just do so right now, I’m actually in the kitchen. Whereas a minute ago I was in the living room anyways. So announcements, announcements, announcements. You may have seen this on YouTube, or you may not have, you may have seen this on a news outlet or you may not have, but the first guy I saw that had it online was Ben Shapiro, which I think is pretty cool. I like watching his stuff. He’s all right. I like cam I like Steven Crowder.

3 (7m 6s):
I like the conservative twins. Let’s see. I like officer Tatum. Officer Tatum is awesome. Let’s see the conservative twins are definitely one of my favorites. Those guys are, those guys are always hilarious or making. T-shirts great again. Yeah. Anyways, they, they made me laugh. I think they’re funny. The salty Cracker. He’s funny. I like him. He makes me laugh. Liberal hive mind. That’s an interesting one.

3 (7m 37s):
Especially because I got used to be a liberal and now he’s not anymore. He got red pills, which is just Epic. So yeah, those are a lot of the guys that I like on YouTube, but I digress back to what I was saying. Ben Shapiro was the first one to have this that I saw now. I dunno if he’s first period, but he was the first video I saw on this subject. And the subject is you may find this quite interesting. I know I did.

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The subject is there’s been more leaked footage of the George Floyd arrest. The, the arrest that happened to this, George , there has been more footage leak now. So this footage shows things that I didn’t expect. I mean, everybody knows what went down with George Floyd.

3 (8m 38s):
Everybody knows how terrible that whole thing was with yours Floyd. And, and it was just sad what happened. But I mean, at some point you can’t blame everything on the police officers. You know, the police officers didn’t put fentanyl and meth into this guy system, the police officers didn’t put him behind the wheel. The police officers didn’t have him make multiple bad decisions throughout his life. That led him to that point.

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I mean, I, you know, I feel terrible for the guy I do, but I mean, we’re, we all gotta take accountability. We got to take a responsibility rather for our own actions guys, you know, we all gotta take responsibility for our own actions. And to that end, I believe that the police officers needed to take, you know, how accountability for their actions as well. You know, I obviously, you know, they screwed up, they did wrong and they need to, you know, they need to be held accountable for that.

3 (9m 46s):
Obviously, you know, that’s just my opinion. I really think they do that. Being said, there are a lot more extenuating circumstances here than meets the eye. Okay. You can clearly see and hear in the video right away, right away that these police officers were trying to be cooperative. They were trying to help him. They were like, you know, just get in the car, we’ll put the windows down.

3 (10m 17s):
It won’t be all that hot. I know, I know you’re a big guy, but we’ll world the windows down and you’ll be able to breathe. And he was saying almost from the start, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. Well, that probably has something to do with the medications. All you know, or the drugs that you’re on, man, you know, they could be causing respiratory depression. You know, fentanyl is well known for causing respiratory depression. You know, it can happen. So it doesn’t surprise me a bit that he was feeling like he couldn’t breathe because his body was probably sending a signal that, Hey, something’s not right here.

3 (10m 54s):
But that was before they even put him in the police car or try to, that was before they did any of that. He was already saying, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. That was George Floyd already saying that stuff. So I don’t understand how know that’s used against those officers, because that was, that was, that was happening previously.

3 (11m 25s):
Okay. That was already happening. It’s that whole, you know, you know, I’m, I’m drowning. I’m drowning. Oh, nevermind. I’m fine. Oh, I’m grinding. I’m grinding. Oh wait. No, no, I’m fine. I’m drowning. I’m drowning. And then everybody rushes to help you. I forget the name of the parable, but you know, it was like something about, Oh gosh, that is a kid that kept get all the villagers to come help him. And every time they came up there, he laughed at him, you know? And then one time he actually did need help.

3 (11m 56s):
I forget what it was, but he actually did need help. And nobody came because they didn’t believe in that time. Well, I mean, if you keep telling police officers over and over again, you can’t breathe and you know, it looks like you can then, you know, the last time that you say it, they’re not going to believe you. Anyways. One thing that as a side note, one thing that my, one of my cousins that the paramedic told me, she said, if you can talk, you can breathe.

3 (12m 32s):
And I never really understood that until I realized what she was referring to, that, you know, air has to pass through your, your, your, your throat, your esophagus, trachea, whatever it has to pass through there, to go over your vocal chords to make sound. So air has to be moving for you to speak, right? So that is kind of profound. If you can tell someone I can’t breathe. If you can say it, then chances are you’re able to breathe now to what degree we don’t know, because obviously most police officers don’t carry a pulsox with them.

3 (13m 12s):
You know, that wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense, but paramedics of course probably do anyways. Sorry, I’m getting off on tangent here. So this new leaked body cam footage is showing a heck of a lot more context than we knew. If the media, if the mainstream Marxist media would have reported this properly, if they would have freaking put this video out there properly, you know, a lot of people may not have lost their lives.

3 (13m 44s):
There wouldn’t be anywhere near as much of port unquote do. There wouldn’t be all this bull crap going on right now. Or at the very least it would be extremely minimized from where it is right now. I mean, there may still be some riots because of course, you know, kneeling on someone’s neck is never a good thing. That’s bad, you know, but it probably wouldn’t have been as bad. Think of how many people have died because of these riots, think of how many kids have lost their lives in these really crappy areas because of these riots, which caused the whole defunded police thing to pop off and then not enough law enforcement.

3 (14m 31s):
And then those guys were thrown under the bus and then violence, violence, violence, violence, and who loses the kids and these, these lower income neighborhoods, they lose studies show that those neighborhoods, those people want more cops, not less. They want more cops, not less. Why does anybody listen to them? You know, no, but instead, you know, we got to try this, this failed experiment that keeps happening over and over and over again.

3 (15m 10s):
Oh, well, let’s try socialism a different way.

4 (15m 15s):
Let’s keep doing it and doing it and doing it.

3 (15m 17s):
It’s evil. It’s wrong. It’s wrong, wrong, wrong. Anyways, I could, I mean, keep talking about that. If I’m not careful, so let’s move on to the Seattle thing. Okay. So they’re a, the demonstrations and the crazy riots are still going on. But in Seattle, when the writers actually tried to go up into the neighborhood of, or neighborhood suburbs area of their Seattle police, chief, where she lives, they wanted to go, they say peacefully demonstrate, but we all know what that means.

3 (15m 58s):
That means riot. They wanted to go right in front of the police chief’s house in Seattle and the people, these, these riders were met with a big bunch of armed citizens. Yeah. I didn’t quite see that one coming. So basically, you know, from the video, it’s kind of hard to see everything, but the citizens had basically kind of formed a makeshift wall, you know, using vehicles and such.

3 (16m 33s):
They’d kind of formed this little makeshift wall and they were all heavily armed. They all the civilians there, the citizens, they were armed, they had guns. There is, there is video of it. You can find it online. I’m sure you’ll, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it from any one of the guys that I mentioned earlier, the different YouTube personalities that I watch anyways, you can, in the video, you can hear one of the writers saying, jeez, man, you know something to this effect anyway, or peaceful, you know, we were going to peacefully protest and you put a gun in my face or something like that.

3 (17m 13s):
And, and then one of the arm citizens said basically exactly what all of America has been thinking. Basically they responded with you’re peaceful because we’re armed. That’s the reason you’re peaceful is because we have guns. If you weren’t, if we weren’t armed, if we weren’t sitting here with these guns in hand or slung over our shoulder or slung in front of us, you wouldn’t be so peaceful. Would you so funny how that works?

3 (17m 46s):
Isn’t it. It’s kind of, it’s funny. It’s funny how that goes. But anyways, yeah, that, that happened in Seattle and it’s been happening a lot more. And I mean, a lot, if you do a search for armed citizens, stand up to any of those groups, you’re going to find a lot of instances that are happening. Multiple things where, you know, these small towns get, get noticed that you know what, whatever group is headed their way to their small town and you know, 800, 900 residents of a 1600 resident town come out and defend their businesses.

3 (18m 31s):
They they’re armed. They’re standing in front of these businesses and they’re like, turn around and go your button back home because we didn’t have any here, brother. We ain’t having it here, which I think is awesome, man. You know, they, they need to be applauded as long as they’re not hurting anybody, as long as they’re standing up and they’re protecting their neighborhood. I see nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. So I think it’s a very, very good thing.

3 (19m 4s):
What they’re doing. It’s incredibly important anyways. Good for them. Good for them. Good for them. Okay. So as far as the world stage goes, there’s been the, you know, we’ve had these standoffs here in America, but now there’s been some other standoffs happening over by Japan with the USA in Japan, holding ground against China, you know, it’s a Naval standoff kind of thing going on.

3 (19m 35s):
And there’s a lot, a lot of tension there. A lot of tension, at least I was the last report I saw. I’m not sure exactly what’s happening at, you know, at this very moment, but that was the last report I saw from that area that they were kind of, you know, standing off, you know? So I, I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen with all that, but it’s, it’s, you know, it’s a complicated situation, basically as best I can, I can put that is it’s a complicated situation.

3 (20m 7s):
So I’m not going to go very deep into it because I don’t know all of the nuance that surrounds it and I don’t want to get any of it wrong. So, you know, sorry, I’m not fake news. I don’t, I actually care about the facts. I’m just glad that we have the guy in office now that we do, because if it was the guy that was before him, president number 44, do with freaking coward, he was an absolute coward and he was corrupt corrupt as F man.

3 (20m 37s):
He was, he was effing corrupt. So I am glad that we have the guy in there that we have in there now, because that dude got backbone, everybody knows that train is rolling down the track and he is tough, tough, tough. I mean, how many other, how many other presidents have had to withstand literally four years of impeachment possibilities and scandals and reports and collusion with this guy possible, you know, and this thing and that thing and accusation, accusation, accusation.

3 (21m 14s):
I mean, any other president would have melted down, but not our guy, not him, not the train. He is whooping that ass and he is still doing it, dude. I mean, how many of us can withstand that kind of scrutiny? Raise your hand, man. Cause I know I couldn’t dude, nobody could. That is like 24, seven unreal and you know, relentless badgering, relentless fricking crap, dude, they just keep going at it.

3 (21m 46s):
I’m going in. I’m going at him. And yet he’s still getting tons done. He still had the best unemployment rate ever for a, well, I don’t know if it was ever, but it was ever for black people is the best unemployment rate ever for blacks. It was one of the best unemployment rates ever for minorities. It was one of the best unemployment rates ever before COVID-19 hit and screwed everything up. But that wasn’t his fault. No, I mean, what you know was was the flu.

3 (22m 18s):
Every time the flu comes around is that, is that, is that someone else’s fault too? You know, it’s no one’s fault when people get sick. It just is what it is. If a virus gets over here and gets over here, man, we just have to take steps to keep ourselves safe. That’s all, you know, you don’t have to lock down the whole freaking country. You don’t have to stay quarantined unless you actually have it. You know? And the masks work to varying degrees depending on what kind of fabric they are. Some of them don’t work at all.

3 (22m 48s):
Some of them, the only thing they’re doing is keeping people safe from your spit. That’s it, dude, not keeping you safe from them. It has nothing to do with it. They’re just trying to keep your sneezes in your spit, inside your mouth. That’s why they want everybody to wear one. That’s why you see fricking that you see ’em stupid trash cans making noise. That’s why you see people online, you know, that are absolute nutcases that walk around and they pepper spray people that are aware of their mask.

3 (23m 24s):
You know, I saw was video this couple that was just sitting in the park, having a nice picnic, probably probably the first time they’ve been able to get out in months. And they’re sitting there with their masks off at a picnic table or something like that. I forget exactly where they were, but this lady walked up and pepper sprays him, dude. I mean, come on, man. What the hell? And there was another one where these guys were sitting down to have some food, you know, and they took their masks off or maybe they never had them on. But anyways, these two guys sitting down and have food and this fricking staw this stupid fricking woman walking with her little, little prim and proper boyfriend, you know, with his little sweater tied around his shoulders, looking, looking all cute and right out of the Hamptons, these two guys are sitting on this, this stone bench or whatever.

3 (24m 18s):
And they walked by and this lady throws her hot coffee in this dude’s face because he’s not wearing a mask. The dude gets up and goes ballistic. I would have to, man, it’s hot coffee GNC. You can get scalded from that dude. That’s dangerous. That can, that can really hurt someone badly. And she throws her hot coffee in this dude’s freaking face. Well, her boyfriend ended up getting a nice bloody nose out of it. And they called the freaking police. The, the, these, these SJWs called the police.

3 (24m 51s):
I thought you wanted to define them, but they called the police. You know, because this guy, you know, socked her boyfriend, you know, and he, the one, honestly, if you watch the video, the woman is, is lucky that the guy had the restraint that he had because she pushes him and she slaps him and he does nothing to her, nothing. There was one point where she got really, really close and was like getting in his face and he kind of pushed her away to keep her from hurting him again.

3 (25m 21s):
But yeah, pretty much nothing, you know, other than trying to keep himself somewhat safe. But yeah. Do you like this kind of shit is happening, man? Oh, basically the police laughed at the SJWs are like, Oh, well threw hot coffee in the guy’s face. You kind of got what you deserved. Nothing came of that anyway. So yeah, I mean, you’re seeing this kind of crap. And once again, just like the, just like the crap with the George Floyd and stuff, you know, the media not reporting properly, not giving all the facts, not doing things the way they should do them.

3 (26m 1s):
Unbiased is creating an environment and people who are reacting out of fear or just stupidity or ignorance, that’s exactly what’s happening. You know? So people get all pissy when someone’s not wearing a mask or, you know, and they throw hot coffee in someone’s face. I tell you right now, dude, I very, very, very rarely ever wear a mask. Okay. I can tell you right now.

3 (26m 31s):
I almost never wear one and it’s not because I don’t care. It’s not because I don’t think the virus is real. It’s for a variety of reasons. Number one, you know, I’m, I’m not worried that much about it because Jesus is more powerful than any virus. Jesus is important. Jesus matters. And Jesus is more powerful than any stupid little virus. Okay.

3 (27m 2s):
That’s one reason. That’s one reason. Okay. And honestly, for me, it’s pretty much the best reason, but number two, they, they can make you feel claustrophobic and I don’t want to feel that. Okay. Number three, it really starts to chafe on your, on your, I have a beard mustache, goatee, facial hair, you know, kind of a light, short beard. If you’ve seen the video with me and miles and it, you know what I’m talking about?

3 (27m 35s):
H it can really rub on your facial hair, you know, or it can make you break out. You know, I’ve had that happen. My face starts to break out. I mean, I’m like in my forties, I don’t know why I’m still getting acne, but whatever. That’s a whole other, so Dick for a whole other time, but yeah, dude, like it makes you break out. It makes you itch. It makes your face feel funny. It makes you claustrophobic. I mean, there’s like a million reasons why I don’t wear a mask all that often, but you know, I’m sure there’s some people out there that will call me selfish and you know, call me a bad person and all that stuff.

3 (28m 14s):
In fact, I had a lady come in to Sportsman’s warehouse just the other day. They told me because I was, I, you know, she said, why aren’t you guys wearing masks when you’re within six feet of your customers? And I didn’t hear the whole thing. One of our other guys heard it. And he, he basically said, well, you know, we’re not mandated to, you know, we’re not required to. And I came in on the tail end of it. And she goes, you guys don’t wear masks within 60 year customers because you don’t care.

3 (28m 48s):
And I was like, what? I was blown away by it. It was just insane. Yes, I’m mad. So it’s just one of those things that you really have to look at and, and keep in mind, you know, that stuff is not, you know, some people react very differently to that. Anyhow, I don’t want to go too, too much further into that because apparently I don’t care.

3 (29m 23s):
Alright. So there is the other thing in the news, you know, that everyone on every side is distinctly worried about voter fraud in these, in this next election, this election that’s coming up. You know, if you stupid mail in ballots and all that crap now absentee is one thing, you know, Aston team voting is one thing, but mailing balance. I mean, what if a whole bunch of them get interjected into the system from some kind of a hack, you know, like what are some road, you know, printing company prints out tons of them and just send them all over the place.

3 (30m 4s):
You know? I mean, what the hell dude? Yes. One scenario where things could totally get after with, and there wouldn’t be much of anything anyone could do about it. But anyways, this whole system, you know, with the mail in ballots, it can and will get hijacked. In my opinion, I’m, I’m fairly certain it’s going to get and hijacked. That’s just my opinion, but I’m fairly certain it’s going to happen. It’s going to get it or it’ll get afterwards in some form or another.

3 (30m 35s):
I don’t know how, but it will some way shape or form. I mean, heck the text that the little test case had, they did to prove it would work that little test case they do. And I think it was in New York. It was an all out disaster of Epic proportions guys. It was a flout all out disaster. Terrible. Okay. Freedom ballots are still showing up now. And it’s been months guys, that that was just one district, one area, one state, one state.

3 (31m 11s):
Now imagine that on a much grander scale, a grand scale of corruption and crap, and you know, ballots coming in, you know, even in January and flavor is still about to still come in. You know, I mean, seriously, dude, you know, that was one area. The New York one was one area and that’s how bad it got.

3 (31m 41s):
And it’s still bad. Imagine what’s going to happen when it’s the entire country it’s going to, it’s going to be an abject failure. Holy hell. It’s going to be an abject failure. No doubt about it. Okay. I mean, I think that’s how it’s going to go down. I think both sides are going to contest the results. And the only there is one way out of it. There’s one way that both sides don’t contest the results. Okay. But that’s likely how it’s going to go down the Hill, depending on how much you want to look at it.

3 (32m 16s):
You could make the case that at some point, and this is somewhere down the road in the United States, you can make the case that at some 0.1 side or the other, or completely new side that no one sees coming. You know, at some point they will just refuse to seed power. They will refuse to give it up, which I could see happening very easily, very, very, very easily.

3 (32m 49s):
It would not be difficult to see that happen. You know, one side has a lot of power. They have a lot of influence. They have their people installed and all of these different judge shifts. And you know, they’ve got a whole bunch of guys on the spring court, you know, so on and so forth. And when the next election comes around, they lose, but they refuse to get out of the white house. They refuse to give up power.

3 (33m 19s):
I could easily see that happening. That would not, that’s not far fetched for me at all. You know, especially after everything that I’ve seen in 2020, 2020 has been a year of kind of like perpetual what the crap is going on here has been a perpetual surprise, basically just freaking insanity all the time, just blown away, man.

3 (33m 50s):

2 (33m 55s):

3 (33m 57s):
Not handing over power. That’s a crazy, crazy scenario. Okay. But if you’re anything like me and you basically like to war, game me scenarios, and kind of take a look at them and okay, how would I react to this happened? How would I react if that happened? You’ve got to add that in there and consider what you will do if one side or the other does not give up power. When the time comes for a peaceful transition. Now a peaceful transition is its tradition.

3 (34m 32s):
Okay. A peaceful transition is tradition. You know, they’re basically, they’re used to having to do it. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for the white house staff, you know, every four years or every eight years, someone new comes in. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. So

2 (34m 55s):

3 (34m 56s):
That’s, that’s crazy, man. That’s crazy. But you need to, you need to be preparing for it, you know, and needs to be considered in, in your, in your preparations. But it also needs to be considered in your area study. If you’re, if you’re already doing this stuff and you’re thinking about it, you need to include it in your area of study. So you can go, okay, well, this could be affected. So I’m going to need to do this, this and this. And if they deploy federal troops or a military or national guard or whatever to do this, that, and the other control the roadways, I don’t know.

3 (35m 34s):
I’m just giving you possible options here. And the things that I’d be looking for as far as that kind of stuff goes. So the next thing on the horizon is these, these last couple of months, you know, these last, since COVID took hold, and then, you know, the, the George Floyd thing took hold and all that stuff, it’s all been crazy and gradually getting crazy or, okay.

3 (36m 4s):
So if that’s the case, I think my first whole opinion is that the, how do I word this? I don’t know. I’ll just go basic that the next couple of months, the next, you know, I don’t know what three months until the election. It’s what? August 6th. So September, October, November, yeah.

3 (36m 37s):
Next, roughly about three months. I think you’re going to be insane guys. I think it’s going to be crazy. I mean, we’re in for some absolute, like in our, I don’t know how, I don’t know how else to describe it. I think it’s going to be anarchy yet big. It’s going to be wacky, wacky, wacky, but I don’t think it’s going to be anything. I don’t think it’s going to be anything compared to what we’re going to see after the election day after election day.

3 (37m 10s):
Okay. So, you know, November 3rd, November 4th, you know, if there’s any contestation, if it’s contested, if the results are not for sure for any, for any reason, I think over the time period where they’re trying to figure out who won, you know, like, like what happened with George Bush and all that? You know, I think that there’s going to be even worse. I think it’s gonna get even worse.

3 (37m 40s):
I think we’re going to see even crazier things happen during that time, because I just, I don’t know if people were going to be unsettled, not knowing who their president is. I think that time period between November 4th and January 20th, when the new administration takes power, if that’s the case or when the old administration gets word in again, I think it’s going to be crazy.

3 (38m 12s):
I think it’s going to be psychotic in that time period. That’s just my personal opinion, but I think that’s, what’s going to happen. So again, you guys need to be aware, naming it and getting ready. The only way, the only way out of that, the only way to avoid that is for it to be a landslide victory. It has to be so and so complete and so unquestionable that nobody can come against it.

3 (38m 45s):
And that is the way that we will save ourselves from riots and, and unrest and all that bull crap. I mean, we want to save ourselves completely, but if it’s that much of a landslide, victory, if it’s that obvious, then people are going to be forced to accept it. No matter what. And I don’t mean just the a, Oh gosh, I don’t mean just the actual vote itself. We need the popular vote to go that direction and the regular vote. When you’re the electoral vote, we need both to go that direction.

3 (39m 18s):
We need Trump on both. Okay. Anyways, I should’ve taken a break awhile back. I’m going to go ahead and take a break and then I’ll be right back. Okay guys, don’t go away.

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Jordan here, you’re a host of a family affair every Saturday evening at 9:00 PM. Eastern, as we discussed on every level and remember everybody,

6 (42m 26s):
And now we return to the gun metal armory.

1 (42m 30s):
Oh, okay. Everybody. We are back on the gun metal armory. I didn’t realize how much time I had taken complaining about all that stuff. So sorry about that. I only have a little bit left to go here. So I’m just going to give you a disclaimer. We’re going to talk a little bit about riots survival, and then I’m going to pop off of here. Okay. All right. Just a little bit about self defense and you know, all that stuff too. Okay. So keep in mind guys, this, this podcast, this is for information purposes only.

1 (43m 6s):
Okay. This is not, I repeat not legal advice. This is not legal advice at all. Okay. This is for information purposes only. And for entertainment purposes only. Okay. The topics discussed are just to give an overview of each individual situation and it is for information purposes. Okay. That’s all it’s for. Don’t be dumb use common sense and always remember safety first.

1 (43m 37s):
Okay guys, that’s what’s most important safety and going home to your family at the end of the night. All right. Okay. So keep in mind that civil unrest, things like that, that can literally start. It can literally pop off just like that. I mean, literally instantly. Okay. The whole mob mentality thing. That’s real. That is absolutely real. Like people talk about mob mentality.

1 (44m 9s):
It’s true. And one of the people, one of the YouTubers that I watch and I don’t watch him all the time because he is left leaning, but he was talking about how, how the mob mentality thing works. Right. So let me see if I can recreate what he said. So he said, you’ve got a whole of people in front of a house and they’re protesting this house. Right. So one person goes up, kicks the door, doesn’t kick it in, but they kicked the door.

1 (44m 41s):
Okay. And the next person goes up and they spray paint on the door, you know, the spray paint on the side of the house and on the windows. Okay. Okay. Then the next person comes up and they break the window. Okay. So the next person comes up and they, they kick in the door, completely kicking the door. Okay. And then a little while later, the next person comes up and they peek inside and kind of look around and you know, the other guy peaches inside of the window and kind of look around all right.

1 (45m 15s):
And then a bunch of people from behind them say, Oh, we’re going in? Okay, let’s go in. And everybody goes inside the house and the house gets ravaged. The house gets just torn to pieces. Right. That’s the way that that stuff happens. That’s how mob violence happens is they’ve got these agitators in the group and they push it a little bit in a little bit and a little bit until they get exactly what they want. You know, they want this anarchy, they want this chaos and that’s it right there.

1 (45m 50s):
So it just inches its way forward, mob violence. It just inches its way forward until it gets what it wants. Right. So that’s something that people don’t think about. You know, another example is, you know, when people get attacked by a mob, you know, one person punching you is one thing. But when you have to take on, you know, four or five people that that’s, when things start to get a little bit troublesome, little bit hectic, right?

1 (46m 28s):
There are ways to escape those kinds of situations, you know, when you’re outnumbered and you’re in a lot of trouble, what I would use in a situation like that, if I was outnumbered, I would probably, and this may sound a little strange being that I usually carry a firearm, but I think initially being on how many there are, I would probably pull out my, my saber material spray or my saber pepper spray.

1 (47m 2s):
Okay. I have saber pepper spray and it’s a fairly large, Jan’s not huge, but it’s big enough. You know, it’s about, I don’t know what the good diameter shape is to tell you about two inches in diameter for the can and the cans about six inches tall. And then of course, it’s got the sport that head on top for a spray, right. And safety. So I think what I would do, because most of these, you know, groups that are going to attack you are going to attack you, you know, in a, in a large group.

1 (47m 38s):
Okay. So they’re going to use specific tactics to do that. All right. Most of those tactics center around kind of a Wolf pack type mentality. Okay. That Wolf pack mentality comes in basically because they know they’ve got power in numbers. Right. So you’ll, you’ll see that quite a bit. You know, you you’ll also see if there’s, if there’s two of them and one of you they’ll use that whole, sorry.

1 (48m 12s):
They use that whole pincer attack. You know, they’ll use the one guy on one side, one guy on the other, you know, that’s a, that’s a well known tactic, you know, hell even, even American military uses it with their fire teams, you know, the pincer attack. But let’s see their back back to what I was saying about multiple attackers. There are lots of ways that you can fight your, your way out of that situation, you know? And it’s especially prevalent in, you know, in riots and things like that.

1 (48m 46s):
Cause you’re gonna run into a lot of that kind of stuff. But knowing the pre attack indicators is going to give you a distinct advantage over the average person, because you’re going to be able to tell, okay, this guy’s about to do something stupid or I’m okay. Anyways, man, I really don’t have much time left in that situation when there’s multiple attackers, your best bet is usually going to be to go ahead and, and distance yourself from it.

1 (49m 26s):
If you can, okay. If you can’t get any distance, if you can’t get away, if you can’t get to some additional help, OK. Create whatever distance you can. All right. Try to get back to your side. If there is a side and a right. You know, do you have your guys I’m demonstrating as well? Well, try to get back over to that side. You know, I mean, obviously there are going to be times where they surround surround you, you know?

1 (50m 0s):
And if that’s the case, like I said, try to get back over to your side if you can’t that’s okay. Okay. You can still hold on. Scratch my eye. You can still practice. Okay. You can still practice getting out of that situation. All right. So again, keep in mind that they’re going to come at you from all angles and keep in mind what I said about pepper spray pepper spray is probably your best bet when it comes to multiple attackers, other than using your firearm.

1 (50m 41s):
Okay. But not every situation calls for a firearm. That’s my whole thing. Okay. You don’t always need a firearm now. I always have one, but you don’t always need one. Okay. So as far as the pepper spray goes, what I would do is let’s say you’ve got two guys, one on your left, one on your right. You’ve got one directly in front of you. And then you’ve got two guys back into the left and back into the right.

1 (51m 14s):
Okay. You got nobody that is directly to your, your West or your East. Okay. To your, to your left and your right. There’s nobody out there directly. Okay. And then to yourself, to your, to your booty, you’ve got no one there either. Okay. So with that being said, what I could do is, Oh my gosh, I feel, I feel so bad for anybody who gets pepper fried.

1 (51m 46s):
What I would do is I would get out that pepper spray and I, I would have it in one hand, probably my left, you know? So I can still draw with my right if I have to and go to work. But yeah, I would have that, that Pepperidge frame, my left hand, and what I would do is Kansas chances are depending on how you might be attacked anyways, you’ve got one guy in front of you, one guy on either side of you and then one guy to the back of you on either side as well.

1 (52m 31s):
So you’ve got five guys total, right? I think the first thing I would do is pepper spray the guy directly in front of me. Right. Pepper spray him. And then if at all possible pepper spray, the guy that was on his left and the guy that’s on his. Right. Okay. That should ideally, that should open up your front so you can move forward, push them out of the way, turn around and start going to work on those two that were behind you trying to create kind of a boxing in method.

1 (53m 3s):
Okay. Now most of these guys, I’m more than sure will not know how to fight in that kind of environment. They don’t know how to fight up close. They don’t know how to fight far away, but they sure do sound like they want to know. So anyways, if that happens in a riot, you know, just be aware that it could, okay, again, we need to be aware of what kind of violent posturing we’re seeing, because that doesn’t just apply to a one on one encounter that can apply to literally everyone in that crowd.

1 (53m 41s):
If you’re starting to see people in the crowd that are staring directly eye to eye staring at you, okay. If you’re seeing people that are, you know, trying to say, Hey, come here. You know, the whole finger, you know, the finger thing. That’s like, like a comma, you know, beckoning, you, Hey, come on, come on. That’s a really good indicator that they want to have some fun. They want to, they want to roll with you, man. They were a rock and roll, but the, you can also see people that are getting themselves hyped up, you know, kinda like the whole, what, what those guys called the Viking culture.

1 (54m 22s):
Berserkers workers, you know, like they’re, they’re starting to get themselves all hyped up and all crazy and Oh, you know, getting all, getting all insane with it, you know, look for those kinds of pre attack indicators. Okay. This is all signs that someone’s getting ready for a fight. Okay. Sometimes you’ll see people that’ll pull up their sleeves or take off their shirt or take off their hoodie. Something like that. They might be getting ready for a fight.

1 (54m 53s):
Sometimes you’ll see people just throwing some basic jabs and things like that, you know, with their friends. Cause they want to get, get ready as well. Let’s see what are some other attack indicators. And, and if you guys know of any good attack indicators, you know, violent posturing, anything like that, send me an email. Tell me some of the stuff that I missed, dude, because obviously I’m not perfect and I’m kind of limited on time.

1 (55m 23s):
So if you’ve got any other recommendations, besides the ones that I’ve used in my shows before, and besides these ones, please send them to me. I’d be more than happy to see those. You know, I’ll do, I’ll do a followup to this using those pre attack indicators. You know, I know police departments learn a lot about pre attack indicators cause they need to know, okay, is this guy going to come quietly? Or is he going to create a whole big, big, big problem?

1 (55m 54s):
Okay. Again, to get out of that situation, if you can’t use fabric spray, do it. If not, just try to keep your distance. If there’s nobody behind you keep a safe distance, man. I mean, you gotta always be ready to rock and roll in the time comes, keep your hands up, close to your chest, but don’t start it. You know, you don’t have to don’t start the fight as I’m getting it. Right. So that’s what I would do.

1 (56m 24s):
That’s a lot of what I would do. I keep that distance. I, you know, you hear like in kickboxing boxing, things like that, they, they talk about sidestepping. You know, that’s something really important as far as like a pre-fight goes to like, if someone’s coming directly at you, you can step to the side. You don’t have to step backwards. Okay. And plus, as you keep your steady footing, when you step to the side, instead of backwards, because as you probably know, walking backwards or whatever quickly never seems to injury.

1 (56m 59s):
Well usually you end up falling on your booty, right? So that’s something to keep in mind. Let’s see the way that you stand also says something about you. You need to be standing upright and strong. You need to look strong, you need to act strong. Okay? Your, your way you stand says all of that, okay. You could be at one of these silly protest, rally thingamajigger as, or whatever.

1 (57m 28s):
And you’re saying, they’re looking like you’re already defeated. You’re saying they’re looking like you’re, you know, you’ve been up for 10 days. Yeah. They’re going to roll right over you, dude. There’s no doubt about it. They’re going to literally roll right over you, man. That’s just stupid. You you’ve got to look confident. You’ve got to look strong. You’ve got to look like, you know what you’re doing? And you’re there for a reason. Okay. That’s important. Especially, especially during these, you know, riots and stuff like that.

1 (57m 59s):
Looking like you belong there and like your, your reasoning and your posture is solid. Okay. Your reason for being there is solid. You know why you’re there. Okay. That is extremely important. Providence strength. It’s all very, very important. All right, Kyle, either so much more, I want to go over with you guys, but I just, I literally just, you’re not have the time.

1 (58m 30s):
So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to wrap this tomorrow or not tomorrow. I’m going to do this again next week. And next week, we’ll talk about situational awareness, knowing where your taxes are going to be coming from being able to look like we talked a little bit about pre attack indicators a second ago, but I want, I want as much as I can get for this type of self-defense stuff and you know, riots stuff, all that I want at least an hour, man.

1 (59m 2s):
I mean, I could go with 40 minutes or 30 minutes, but that’ll, that’ll make me have to rake the right to show into multiple pieces. Anyways guys, thank you so much for joining me today. I’m sorry. We weren’t here last week, you know, busy, busy days. So I appreciate you guys appreciate each and every one of you. I legitimately, I appreciate each and every one of you, my guys out there. Thank you so much. My Intel network. I appreciate each and every one of you as well.

1 (59m 33s):
I will be emailing you very, very soon. And other than that guys check out all the other shows on the prepper broadcasting network. Join the prepper broadcasting network. Here are the videos. They’re the articles. Fair, everything you guys will be glad you did. Thank you for joining me tonight and join us next time as we take a really fun trip into the dojo, deep inside the gun metal armory United everybody.

7 (1h 0m 7s):
Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory. Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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