June 29, 2022


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Radiation, and Healing from Exposure “Herbs”

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Herbs, Radiation, and Healing from Exposure
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

4-27 Fukushima-fishRadiation 473-fukushima-radiation-spread-to-united-statesOne of the scariest scenarios for many people is surviving after a nuclear event. For a time, it seemed that the world was backing away from nuclear weapons. Recently, however, the specter of nuclear attack has returned with US and Russia sizing each other up over the Ukraine.

Of course, while there are the predictable and perennial saber rattlings from Iran and North Korea, and Fukushima is still an ongoing concern, it is the new standoff between the two major nuclear powers, the US and Russia, that is raising the most eyebrows. It doesn’t help that a Russian broadcaster stated, “Russia is the only country with the capability to turn US into radioactive ashes.” Is another Cold War really on the horizon. Hopefully, not. Probably not. However, people are tense, and it doesn’t hurt anything to be prepared.

Radiation Fukushima-fishThe good news is that if a person were to be far enough away from the blast zone not to be taken out by the blast itself, even if he or she were within the path of radiation, as long survival is not only possible, but probable, with a few preparations in place ahead of time. Some of those preparations involve knowing where to go, and being able to get some physical protection for yourself to minimize exposure. As intimidating as radiation poisoning, radiation burns, and cancer risks are, if you are able to minimize the exposure, there are many natural and herbal options that can be employed to help heal from exposure, and are easily stocked up on, just in case.

4-27 Fight-Radiation-with-Food-Herbs-and-VitaminsRadiation, however, is not restricted to a nuclear attack. Fukushima is still a threat, as are our aging nuclear plants here in the US. Overexposure to the sun’s radiation causes painful burns and contributes to skin cancers. One’s job may put them at risk for more exposure to radioactive elements, such as pilots and miners. And while not discussed often enough, radiation from our devices- our cell phones, tablets, laptops, home computers, and televisions all contribute to a daily exposure to radiation.

Tune in to this week’s broadcast and learn:
• What you can do to boost your immune system before radiation exposure
• How to remove radioactive particles from the body
• Herbal first aid for symptoms of radiation sickness.
• Addressing daily radiation exposure from the sun, cell phones, and computers
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