June 30, 2022


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Puerto Rico Spotlight

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Puerto Rico Spotlight
Bob Hawkins “The APN Report“ Audio player provided!

Puerto Rico SpotlightDepending on the News outlets, Puerto Rico is either on the receiving end of the a modern day “Berlin Airlift” continuous relief effort, or has been left to die by the Trump Administration. To be sure, the Caribbean Islands including Puerto Rico has really been devastated by Hurricanes, but the picture presented by our mainstream media has been about as clear as muddy flood waters left behind by the storms, or worse, totally supplanted with news of foolish protests by rich Pro Football players.

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We’re going to cover the latest news Saturday night to try to get a broader view of whats happening.

From the beginning, the level of destruction heaped upon Puerto Rico is unprecedented, a true SHTF event for everyone on the island, the kind we as Preppers attempt to prepare for. Loss of electricity, gas, & water, destruction of homes & buildings, destruction of roads & public transportation, & the complete infrastructure of modern life brought to it’s knees. For Puerto Rico & most of the surrounding Caribbean Islands, basic survival is now the only way of life.

So what are the results? Has anarchy overcome the island? By some accounts it has been brutal, but has some of the dire predictions many doomsayers prescribe to actually materialized? We’re going to try to find out. Join us on this episode as we look over reports in the news. and while it’s not a done deal, we have someone joining us who has family on the island & give him an opportunity to inform us personally, some of what his family is experiencing. All in an effort to gain insight from calamity. We go live with a hour on Puerto Rico, here on the APN Report.

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