August 9, 2022


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Preparing For Your Personal Disaster!

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Preparing for your personal disaster!
Host: Austin Martin “Homesteady Live“ Audio in player below!

Preparing for your personal disasterSometimes we find ourselves playing a game of “what if” in the world of homesteading and prepping. What if the grid went down or If there was another world war?  What if there was a pandemic?

These games of what if can be a fun mental exercise. But the reality is that these disasters will probably not ever happen to us. BUT… That does not mean we will not experience disasters in our life.

We absolutely will experience disasters.

The disasters that will happen to us may not harm as many people as a WWIII or Global Pandemic. But they have the same ability to ruin our own life, and maybe those around us.

What is the disaster that WILL happen to you? It could be…
A loss of a Job
Health emergency (You or a loved one)
Local natural disaster (depending on where you live)
These disasters actually happen all the time, and to all of us. The truth is that someday you or a close loved one will absolutely experience one of these 3 disasters, if not all of them.

Are you ready? Not for the Zombies or Plagues… But for the day your handed a pink slip?

The day your child is rushed to the Emergency Room? The day you need to evacuate from an approaching hurricane?

This week our family experienced an emergency.

My 8 month old was rushed to the emergency room, and hours later to a second hospital for an emergency surgery. All this, at the same time a major blizzard was headed our way.

We learned some very real lessons on Emergency Preparedness, and we want to share them with you. Join us in player below for a discussion about prepping for the disasters that WILL happen to you, and learn all about Family Emergency Planning, Go Bags, and Basic Preparedness.

We tell our story, and then are joined by J.J. Johnson from the popular Youtube Channel Reality Survival to discuss how to get the basic preparedness covered for the disaster that will happen to you.
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