November 30, 2022


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Nuclear War Prepared Not Scared

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Nuclear War Prepared Not Scared

We have arrived in a new nuclear age. As this war drags on in Ukraine people all over the world are worried about nuclear war. In moments like these our government always seems to fall short. The people are then thrust into the void and have to make decisions based on whatever information they can find.

This book was written so we could hit people with the best information on nuclear war and nuclear weapons and their effects. Dave Jones The NBC Guy is an expert in the field and has simply and effectively answered some of Americas biggest questions when it comes to the true effects of a nuclear bomb and how they would affect you and your family.

Enjoy this book and please share it with everyone you can. Share this blog post or just send the PDF to the people you love. Tough times are ahead but we will see this through, too. Take care of the people around you.

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