August 14, 2022


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Homeland Security changes course prepares for Nuclear War!

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Homeland Security changes course prepares for Nuclear War!

Homeland Security changes course prepares for Nuclear War!This could be everything; it may be nothing. I recently received a letter from a credible person I know fairly well and the information within should be extremely concerning to anyone who lives in the U.S. or even abroad. With the threat of North Korea, the following information I will be sharing relates to what has currently been on the minds of most people and top priority for many in what to prepare for. I was asked originally by this person, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons forthcoming, to share this information but not to divulge his personal information or what he does. I replied to his letter stating that without sharing some known knowledge I have as to my source that it may be taken as pure fabrication, opinion, or some kind of conspiracy theory. With that I was granted permission to provide you with, (I will refer to this person as Joe) Joe’s current employer. Department of Homeland Security.

Joe works for Homeland Security and is considerably higher up than most in the echelon having TS (Top Secret) security clearance. Now, as a prepper/survivalist myself I already know what many of you may think about Homeland security and what they do, I have my own opinions, many may be rooted close to your own but I know Joe. Most at Homeland Security I’m told by Joe have their opinions of preppers as well, which you can contribute in most part to the ill reporting from mainstream media. Unlike the majority at Homeland Security and another reason for his anonymity, Joe is also a prepper.

Okay, so what’s it all about? As I said in the beginning it could be everything; it may be nothing. In his letter Joe stated that they were getting ready to prepare for a comm. exercise to take place in February when everyone involved receives an email to join in a conference call. Everyone who receives this email is under the impression that the call will relate directly to the planned exercise which is a category 5 hurricane hitting D.C. scenario. But it’s not.

The caller in this conference call informs Joe and everyone involved that their leadership will be briefed on the new exercise next week (My letter from Joe received 12/15/17) and that the exercise will now be a scenario of Nuclear War. The caller also informs Joe and the others with urgency that the exercise will be moved up from February as originally planned to January immediately after the holidays.

In closing his letter to me Joe says as I have told you, “It may mean nothing at all. They may be doing what they should be doing but it seems interesting. The urgency about everything and change in the plan. Someone High up called this and wants it to happen. Everyone was on that call”.

My thoughts? Joe found it important to let others know through the best voice he had at his fingertips. Will the black SUV’s pull up into my driveway? Could I have put Prepper Broadcasting and myself in jeopardy for divulging information I was not suppose to know, hmm I’ve thought about this believe it or not. I think all will be good and even if “it may be nothing” I’m glad to have done a little something more in sharing what I know to those that want to be better prepared just in case. Thanks for the heads up Joe.   

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  1. We practiced this in the 60’s in grade school. Not a bad idea to get the general public involved..Ideologies change. Sometimes not for the People !

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