September 16, 2021


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The effects of nuclear exchanges!

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The effects of nuclear exchanges!
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The effects of nuclear exchangesOn this show Dave continues the talk on the effects of nuclear exchanges and what can be expected in your area of the country. Some of the things discussed in this show include; What makes a good nuclear target, what about nuclear power plants? How many nukes does each country have and what is a nuclear winter? If you must go into a fallout contamination area what should you do to protect yourself and do you decontaminate yourself when you get back to your clean area?

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Dave also answers your questions from last weeks broadcast that you have emailed him. If at any time, Dave misses your question please email it again so he can address it. After finishing up with nuclear, Dave will dive deep into biological hazards whether they are man-made or natural and what to expect. He will talk about how each pathogen is spread, how they affect you and the steps you can take right now to help protect yourself and your loved ones. Dave will also cover how to quarantine family members and turn your master bedroom into an effective isolation ward. Dave talks about Anthrax, Small Pox, Zika, Ebola, the flu and how to kill them all.

He will also have the latest news on the Plaque outbreak in Africa that has already killed over 128 people, infected over 1300 and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Dave will talk about the warning signs that a biological event is occurring in the US and what will be the first indicators. There is a 10-day rule that he will explain and how he will use it at the first signs of a pandemic. Dave says, “Of all the threats we face in the US this is the one that keeps me up at night.” Tune is and see why!

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