October 3, 2022


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Dosimeter, Gieger Counter and Radiation with Dave Jones

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hey Dave I had a few questions about that MIRA dosimeter, after purchasing it I had come to the conclusion by reading the description that it is only capable of detecting gamma rays Now having very little understanding about waves of radiation I do know there’s alpha beta and gamma, gamma rays being the most lethal but also the fastest to degrade after an incident.

Is it wise to get a meter that does not detect alpha in beta I mean if there was an attack of some sort and we were to leave our shelter the likelihood of gamma rays still being on the ground after 2 days to 2 weeks would be unlikely, correct? At that point you will have to be looking out for hot spots of alpha and beta waves from my understanding so to have a dosimeter It does not detect alpha and beta Would this be wise?

Should I do a bit more searching and look for a dosimeter that detects alpha beta and gamma? Maybe it could be useful sometimes soon to set up a little podcast describing alpha beta and gamma and how to properly find a dosimeter And when where to look out for radioactive material possibly how long we should stay in a shelter upon how close a detonation get into a bit of detail I’m sure a bunch of us would be really interested in the knowledge you have obtained over the years.


The NBC Guy

Tony these are all great questions and I understand your concern gamma is the most prevalent of the radiation in fallout, alpha particles, and beta particles. Gamma radiation is given off as the particles become stable and it’s given off from fallout as the fallout decays. Most Geiger counters detect gamma radiation and some will detect beta particles if you have a beta probe. I don’t go into a lot of detail about the different types of radiation and different types of radiation detection gear because most people want to know one thing, radiation or no radiation! There is specialized equipment that detects alpha but that is usually used for a nuclear accident and not for an explosion. And like I said most Geiger counters don’t have a beta probe but some do. I am not sure how much this helped you but as always do your own research and decide what works best for you. I really like the feature that this dosimeter has to beep if it detects radiation. Other products that cost more don’t have this feature.
  1. The rule of sevens for fallout is a good way to determine how long you should stay in your shelter. Basically every increment of seven fall out the case by one half. So you’re too weak strategy sounds correct.
  2. There is also neutron-induced radiation which occurs directly below the bomb. This has a different decay rate than fallout and neutron-induced radiation stays radioactive longer. You would want this dosimeter if you were moving to make sure that you were not crossing any neutron-induced radioactive areas.
  3. Tony, I hope you understand I can’t speak to everybody’s situation and everybody’s plan. I can tell you that most people will not need radiation detection equipment. As I said in my daily audio cash about fallout most of the country will be just fine! I try not to encourage people or discourage people to get anything I only give people options they need to decide on what they may need and how to spend their prepper dollars!

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