November 26, 2022


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Nuclear Survival: Part Two
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Nuclear Survival: Part TwoLast week’s show on Nuclear Survival (see here) was a great start to a challenging topic, but there is so much more to cover. Chuck Hudson, founder of The Medic Shack survival school, will be joining us again for a second week for more nuclear, biological and chemical myth busting and survival straight-talk.

While Chuck has graciously shared his expertise gained as a combat medic with us many times before, his primary MOS was NBC, or Nuclear Biological and Chemical. (The designation has changed to CBRN, for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear.)

Mr. Hudson was an instructor at Fort McClellen for the Primary and Advanced Chemical NCO course before retiring. Today, Chuck is a survival instructor in New Mexico. His courses are offered through his school, The Medic Shack, as well as online through Herbal Prepper Academy this summer.

Chuck also provides loads of great, free, “ditch medic” information in his newsletter. To learn more about Chuck’s classes and to receive his newsletter, check out his website at

Current events around the world are weighing on everyone’s minds. And it’s easy to get caught like a deer in headlights thinking about something as devastating as an nuclear, biological, or chemical attack.

The best way I know how to counteract the worry is to make a plan. A solid plan relies upon solid information, especially when it comes to NBC preps. It’s critical that you get your information from an actual expert, such as Mr. Hudson, than to take chances. Be sure to listen to this show.
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