February 24, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Nitty Griddy EMP

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Nitty Griddy EMP
Host: Jackie “Apocalypse Nana

EMP carringtonevent3There are several different reasons and scenarios that could drive us back to the stone age. You could be tired of life heartbroken, in debt, just all around tired of the way things are run and suddenly you vanish. You pack what you need, find a decent piece of land and live there. No electricity, no air-conditioning, no … gasp Internet.

Would you be able to survive? Grow your own food?

EMP emp11Or what if suddenly everything goes out. It could be an EMP attack, a nuclear attack or even a solar flare. But it sends us back to square one and reliant on ourselves and nature.

Would you know what to do if everything just stopped.

In one of the most important and informative shows you will listen to, this week on the Apocalypse Nana show, Hosts Jackie, Rob and Dom discuss living off the grid. They have gathered guest who are in the know and will teach you things you maybe not be aware of.

4-22-15 PG N&TThis week’s guest are husband and wife dynamic surviving duo, Nancy and David Martineau. The authors of Post Grid, Tony and Nancy Martineau, met while in college, working on an ambulance in the Phoenix Metro area.

They have been married almost 30 years. Tony is a former Deputy U.S. Marshal and Flight Paramedic who continues to work in law enforcement and as a wildfire line medic. Nancy is a nurse specializing in emergency and pre-hospital medicine.

EMP sThe couple has been active in search and rescue with the Civil Air Patrol and Maricopa Medical Rescue Posse in the desert areas that they describe in their book. Both are long-time amateur radio operators.

They have two non-fiction books to their credit: Camp Health and First Aid In My Pocket, available on Amazon, and Labor and Delivery In My Pocket, editions one through three, currently out of print.

Don’t miss out. It’s the show that sweeping the apocalypse nation.
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