June 24, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Living in the Apocalypse
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

10-23-14 apocalypseTo many people, if you ask them the question, “What would it be like to live in the Apocalypse?” Many would reply that they didn’t know or wouldn’t want to know. The Apocalypse is known as the end all of civilization and possible the earth. But it blankets many scenarios. In fact, today as opposed to fifty years ago, the mention of the apocalypse brings up multitudes of ideas.

Before the zombie craze, while mankind always was infatuated with the end of the world, many believed it was pointless to speculate or plan.

One thing is for sure, most if not all Apocalypse novels or movies present a bleak world. A dog eat dog or man eat man. A kill or be killed society filled with looters and rapist. A magnified vision of today’s self centered society. Unless of course, you read the Beginnings Series, then you find a weird apocalypse.

A recent study has shown that mankind is basically good and most of us seek approval and acceptance, so knowing it is not only our basic instinct to survive, but also instinctual not to kill, how true are these pictorials painted. Would we wander the country side, dying of radiation, blanketed by stupidity? Would we community the efforts and build again only to make it better?

10-23-14 a photo of me at WewelsburgThese questions and many more will be discussed on this week’s episode of Apocalypse Nana. Where our topic is, Living in an Apocalypse world. What would it be like?’

While Apocalypse Nana says rebuilding a society from scratch will be easy, RW, believes that if you are one way before the end of the world, you will keep that humanity, dignity and not run around like scoundrels. What do our guest believe? What do they see as the apocalypse world.

10-23-14 51nXlXUpvfL._UX250_With us this week, is new comer, Sean T. Smith. Sean split his childhood between the Canadian wilderness, where he fell to sleep on snowy winter nights to the sound of his father typing, and Miami, which was hot. He attended the University of Florida, where he majored in Political Science. He moved to Nashville to pursue a songwriting career, and wrote about a thousand songs over the next decade. In Music City, he was fortunate to be mentored by some great tunesmiths.

10-23-14 ObjectsOfWrath_eBookCoverAfter moving back to Florida and starting a family, Sean turned to writing fiction, finding he could not exist properly without writing. The larger creative canvas of a novel afforded a kind of freedom he’d never known as songwriter, and he decided he’d found his true calling. A writer trapped in a salesman’s life, he’s worked as a manager for Greenpeace, a campaign director for the Democratic Party, and an Account Executive for Clear Channel Radio. He spent the better part of the last twenty years self employed, selling wholesale food, banging on doors from the dirt road hollers of Kentucky, to seaside mansions. Along the way he met some interesting characters, lost and found his faith, and somehow never gave up. He’s blessed be married to an artist who believes in dreams, and children who are his light and heart.

Objects of Wrath was Sean’s first novel, a labor of love and joy. He is now working on his fifth novel, the first book in another trilogy to be published by Permuted Press.

10-23-14 ElK2Also returning to the show is Eloise Knapp. Eloise J. Knapp lives in Washington State and never complains about the rain. In fact, she laughs at anyone who does. She is a Seattle University graduate with a bachelor’s in graphic design with a minor in creative writing. Knapp enjoys shooting, archery, and hot yoga. She is a devoted movie and TV show watcher. http://www.eloisejknapp.com/

Back by popular demand is Scott Baker, author, former CIA man, and master of the apocalypse. Scott surely will give us cool insight on his views.

And as always we have our studio of zanies, RW Clinger, Dominic Bianco and The Assistant in the Closet.

Two lucky listeners will win ebook copies our guests’ novel.
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