When the Infrastructure Breaks!

When the Infrastructure Breaks
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

Infrastructure Apocalypse(Sung to the tune of Rock a bye, Baby)

Rock a bye nations on the tech block
When something goes wrong
The system will rock
When the grid breaks
The nations will fall
Down comes humanity
And then that is all

While the parody of the loveable and age old lullaby is intended to make you chuckle, it is in fact a reality. We as a human race, for the most part rely so heavily on technology, the grid and the way the system works, that should it fail. We, as people could easily fail as well.

This week on Apocalypse Nana we take a look at what would happen if things fail. If the infrastructure breaks down. Anything can cause it. War, stock market crashing, solar crisis … Ebola. Apocalypse Nana and her guests will discuss how it can possibly happen, what events we are currently facing and what we can do to be ready.

Speaking of Ebola, make sure you check out Apocalypse Nana’s video on Ebola and facts. http://tinyurl.com/nzw7fml

Infrastructure crawford1This week on “When the Infrastructure Breaks” we have Author James Crawford. James Crawford is haunted by crafts. When he isn’t doing decorative metal work, and even jewelry, he’s making knives. Writing was always a peripheral part of his life, until it grabbed him by the jimmies in 2010, culminating in his first novel, “Blood Soaked and Contagious.” He lives in Northern Virginia, with his wife, who is also his cover artist.

Infrastructure crawford2When asked about his view on survival “When the Infrastructure Breaks”, James said, “ I am not a prepper, or a survivalist, in any conventional way. What I am is a knife maker: the sort of guy a community would want to keep around. The way I see it, I’m overweight cannon fodder unless people need me…then the skinny people can go do the fighting, and I’ll be over here recycling metal.”

James certainly will add some humor to the show. Surely James underestimates his ability. He definitely is more than a Post Apocalypse Ginsu Knife Master.

8-14-14 DSEDAlso on the show is DS Edwards. DS was raised in Eastern Oregon, in a small county. The county had one stoplight in the center of the town. His father was a school teacher, who would also take a job on a local cattle ranch in the summer to make ends meet. Everything he needed to know about life, and hard work, he learned by watching his dad in front of a blackboard, or on the back of a horse. As a child, most of his friends had posters of sports figures, pretty teenage actresses, or their favorite movie on their bedroom walls. DS had a copy of the Declaration of Independence, and an American flag. Love of country is in his DNA, all the way from his great, great, great grandfather who was a Col. under George Washington in the revolution. DS was always interested in the creative process, and for a few years in the early 2000’s he produced and hosted a national outdoor television show. The show ran for 3 seasons on the Outdoor Channel during primetime. DS had dreams of writing the great American novel when he was a teenager, but life happened, and he plowed into the business world. At 45 years old, DS thought “it’s time.” He feels more alive when writing than at any other time. “Collective Retribution” is the first of many books to be created. Most of his free time is spent in the great outdoors; fishing, camping, hunting, and immersing in God’s Country.

Sounds like a modern day Chuck Heston.

Infrastructure collectiveWhen questioned about his outlook on survival, DS said, “As I was writing the book, I never really thought of being in the survival/prepping niche. Although the book deals with a collapsed society, and a bloody tale of survival and hope, it was originally written as a political thriller. It deals in depth, with the political structure, and the dangerous philosophy of communism that has infiltrated the halls of government. I never thought of myself as a prepper, but since researching and writing “Collective Retribution” I find myself thinking more along these lines. I live in the country, and have been working diligently with my bride of 24 years, in preparing our home and property to be 100% self sustaining. We have a large garden all grown from heirloom seeds. We have a well, with a pitcher pump backup system. We have chickens including a rooster. We have cows, turkeys, and sheep. We now possess primitive farming tools. We have built a large smokehouse for preserving meat, and our home is ready to be entirely heated with wood, including an 1880 model cook stove completely restored and functional. We can never be completely prepared, but we must all do something.”

The show surely is one you won’t want to miss. Make sure you tune in just in case the “ Infrastructure Breaks “

This week, there is no special co-host, and Apocalypse Nana will be alone, except for the Assistant in the closet, hoping the gird doesn’t fail, so she can bring you the show in its entirety.
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