November 30, 2022


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Texas and the Catastrophes

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Texas and the Catastrophes
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Texas and the CatastrophesHurricane season still hasn’t hit it’s peak and already it has laid at our feet a huge amount of devastation, delivered in one storm into the Gulf coast of Texas & Louisiana. It gives one pause to wonder just what more lies ahead. Despite their awesome size, Hurricanes are the best example of how crisis is generally a regional event, how destruction is ultimately confined to a limited area, although, in the case of Hurricane Harvey, the area is far broader than normal. It still primarily effects directly lives within a community, a metropolitan area, or a region of the country, while in others, life goes on.

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Yet, Hurricanes do strain the resources of a Nation, and it’s important to prepare for ripples of the impact such a storm makes upon everyone. Most importantly, it’s equally important to prepare for more to come. Saturday night, The APN Report podcast offers to examine how we can prepare.

With the clearing clouds it’s become evident that Hurricane Harvey has inflicted the greatest widespread damage upon the region of Eastern Coastal Texas & Western Louisiana, than from other storms to date. It is most likely the aftermath will linger long afterward as the extent of the flooding is so vast. So many of the communities in the region are completely flooded, so many people have been displaced, so much of the daily way of life has been interrupted and will continue to do so for a long, long time.

This Saturday’s show will be devoted to cover the extent of Harvey’s impacts upon the region & how to cope with dealing with a society interrupted. Listen in the discussion as we examine ways to deal with flooding, of losing ways to travel, in interruptions of the infrastructure. It’s a shame that such things happen, but each crisis is a classroom we all can learn from.

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