December 2, 2022


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Lessons Learned from Hurricane Michael

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Lessons Learned from Hurricane Michael
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Lessons Learned from Hurricane MichaelThis week on Reality Check we are talking about some of the lessons learned from Hurricane Michael. As many of you know, on October 10th, Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle as a very strong Category 4 with winds of 155 MPH. Another way to think about this storm is that it was an EF3 tornado 80 miles wide and lasting for over 6 hours that hit the area. All of my friends and family were within 10 miles of the eyewall and many had the eyewall pass over them. All of my friends and family were affected and many had damage to their homes. For the next two weeks, after it made landfall, EK and I were frantically trying to get a hold of people and see what supplies they needed. We were able to go to Florida on October 20th to take needed supplies and survey the damage firsthand.

Listen toLessons Learned from Hurricane Michael” in this player!

I have learned a few hard lessons in prepping because of my family’s hardship. This week, we will be talking about some of the things we encountered and some of the lessons learned from the stories we heard and the damage we saw firsthand. The most important item is to have enough food, water, and security to protect you and your family for a minimum of 10 to 30 days. We all hear the two gallons a day motto, but I think it’s more like 2 gallons a day to drink and cook with, 5 gallons to flush the toilets and 3 gallons to bath and shower with. Security is vital as looting and shootings began happening even before the winds died down. You need to have a good security plan in place and be prepared to defend your family with firepower.

There are a whole lot more items we will be covering so be sure to tune in to Reality Check this Friday night.

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