November 30, 2022


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Hurricanes! Mother Nature’s National Preparedness Challenge!

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Hurricanes! Mother Nature’s National Preparedness Challenge!
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Hurricanes! Mother Nature’s National Preparedness ChallengeIts as though mother nature realized September was the preppers month, too! Here we are watching the Atlantic stack up with potential hurricanes and on that could be a trajectory with the East Coast. This episode should take place just before or as the Hurricane Florence makes landfall. I thought it a perfect opportunity not only to talk about some hurricane prepping and things to have in place but also to discuss the aftermath of a hurricane. That should be high on you list of things to prepare for as well, if you are in an area that could be affected.

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Ready Nutrition published an article this week that really hammered down 5 of the major post hurricane scenarios that we all must be prepared for. Now, after last month none of these should come as a surprise but I would also like to cover them one at a time as well. We have watched others suffer through these situations and we may have suffered as well.

· Blackouts

· Resource Scarcity

· Contaminated Water

· Tornadoes

· Flooding

All of these symptoms or scenarios equal a pretty tough time for the average person. Of course, you are not average are you? You are a listener to the I AM Liberty Show and I am sure you are prepared for these scenarios. Don’t be taken by surprise by just how seriously things can get even with a low grade hurricane. We can easily be caught off guard and that is dangerous.

This month we are going to focus on the National Preparedness initiatives and what you can get out of this month. If you are smart and take advantage of your time, you will become even stronger in your preparedness journey. This whole wild thing is a journey. It’s a lifelong project. and you can never forget that!

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