June 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Hurricane Irma
Host: Bob Hawkins “The APN Report“ Audio player provided!

Hurricane IrmaThis weeks show of course will be about Hurricane Irma, another storm that has captured attention of the media & everyone suspected to be in it’s path.

No doubt any named storm is a force to deal with, but how much of the coverage is fact & how much of it is farce? Ever since Hurricane Harvey faded, the news has breathlessly reported on Irma & where it’s headed.

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For 2 whole weeks now, the news & the internet has reported landfall from Bangor Maine to Kansas City, & a new term has made it into our collective consciousness…”Spaghetti Plot”… a tangled wad of lines on a map showing multiple model runs of projected storm paths. Intended to forecast the future graphically, only all the ski-fy imagery prooves that the most accurate depiction of the future is a coin toss.

If you may have noticed, we haven’t mentioned ANY PARTICULAR PLACE as to where Irma may visit, because as of this writing, the prime candidates include anywhere along the East Coast, All of Florida, as well as the Gulf of Mexico, plus a chance Irma will just spin north up into the middle of the Atlantic.

So the point of Saturdays show will be to discuss awareness of Irma, but not to dwell TOO MUCH on where Irma is heading. Instead we’ll focus on what we all should be doing anyway… on preparing our OWN PIECE OF THE WORLD for ANYTHING at ANYTIME.

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