September 25, 2022


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Harvey and Lessons Learned

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Harvey and Lessons Learned
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Harvey and Lessons LearnedIn this show we are preaching to the choir and beating a dead horse. However, only through repetition do we build muscle memory. We will be reviewing some of the lessons learned from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. One of the biggest issues people had was the lack of time. People were caught completely off guard and did not have the time to gather clothes, medicine, or valuables. A lot of people were in a state panic and made bad decisions on what to grab.

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In this show we will be talking about what could have been done different and ideas to think about. Some of the ideas we will discuss are the rapid rate of water rise, the fact that levees were breached, and the dams that were opened and flooded people who were otherwise ok. We will talk about the US Energy Mapping System and items near you that might cause you to have to evacuate.

Lastly we will go over ideas to help you speed up the evacuation or bug out process. Ideas like storing medicine in waterproof containers, making digital scans of your important documents and storing them on a portable hard drive or thumb drive, and water filtration.

So grab your Vodka and Galliano, pour a glass of orange juice, garnish it with a cherry, and join us on Reality Check for a lessons learned show.

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