May 20, 2022


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House Fire Preparedness!

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House Fire Preparedness!
Fly away home your House is on Fire!
Host: Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided!

House Fire PreparednessThe weather outside is frightful but your home and hearth are warm and cozy, that is until the unthinkable happens and you are now the victim of a house fire!  The Christmas Season is not a time when our mind necessarily wanders to fire, other than the one in our fireplace adding to the merriment in our homes, but, house fires occur all too frequent during this time of the year.

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The most recent fire facts state that the average number of residential fires per year is 374,000 individual fires,  with a loss of life averaging  at 2,600 people per year  with an additional 12, 975 injuries and  a financial loss yearly of 7.32 billion dollars. These stats are only those of residential fires.  It’s plain to see that fire in our homes is a huge issues and definitely one to prepare for.  Of course none of us want a home fire but the chances of a fire are real and often increase with the holidays due to extra cooking, lighting and the like.

Are you prepared in the event of a home fire?  Have you considered the fact that it could happen and does to over 374,000 homes per year.  The New Year is around the corner and a perfect time to assess your vulnerability to fire and your preparedness. Just changing your smoke detector batteries on New Years is not a plan and I the grand scheme of things doesn’t begin to address the possibility of fire.

Join A Preppers Path in player above as we explore the unthinkable.  Lady bug, lady bug fly away home, your house is on fire!  Don’t be the lady bug; learn the facts about home fires, steps to prepare your home, yourself and your loved ones.

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