February 28, 2021


Self reliance and independence

First responders, spider bites, and some medicinal herbs.

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Boston marathon222x125Widowspyder110x125In this episode of The Doom and Bloom Hour, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss the recent tragedies in the world and how to be an effective first responder at a mass casualty incident.  Dr. Bones also talks about spider bites, treatments, effects and Nurse Amy reviews some medicinal herbs.

Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones have been podcasting as the Doom and Bloom Hour for over two years. Their shows are focused on medical preparedness including strategies for medical issues without access to modern medical help, herbal medicine, survival gardening, recent world issues and topics affecting those who are trying to become more prepared for times of trouble. Join them on a journey to preparedness, don’t forget the “band-aids” and laugh along with two hosts who know how to make learning fun!

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