August 10, 2022


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Fighting the Hunger Game!

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Fighting the Hunger Game!
Host: Jackie “Apocalypse Nana

Hunger food2As you take your first sip of that morning cup of coffee–Boom! In that instant your world changed. Within a few hours chaos took over the treats of your city. You soon learn that a disaster has risen. Are you prepared?

We are not just talking about that extra pack of batteries, matches, flash lights and that two extra gallons of water you purchased just in case you forgot about one bill this month. Are you prepared for the world to just stop? Prepared for when things run out and … just gone? One of the most important things we need to survive is food. Have you been preparing for this moment?

Hunger food3Have you learned how to make your food last a long time no matter what disaster? If you look in your food pantry, do you have enough to survive a week, a month, or a year? Can you properly ration your stock for you and your family? If you had to scavenge where would be the best place to find food?

Do you have what you need to properly cook your food? And most importantly, do you have the supplies or the know how to grow and continue a steady food source?

Hunger food4This week we will be talking about food in the apocalypse. How we can prepare and stock up for the apocalypse and discuss helpful tips on keeping food so it lasts longer. Want to know what foods your gonna have to live without? Looking for hand dandy recipes that are enjoyable during the apocalypse? Also, what a fun Flash Fame Game it will be when we pit celebrity chefs against each other. Which one would cook the best in your bunker?

Join Apocalypse Nana and her cohosts, R. W Clinger and Dominic Bianco, in the bunker…with VUnit. Join us to find out if you have what it takes to survive this fight in the apocalypse hunger game.
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