October 27, 2021


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Eve Gonzales Trading Post in the Woods!

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Eve Gonzales Trading Post in the Woods!
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Eve Gonzales Trading Post in the WoodsDave continues to get the guest that really make a difference in the Prepper world and this week Eve Gonzales from Trading Post in the Woods comes on to talk about Lessons Learned a new book she has out. Eve is a disaster response professional that works for a nongovernmental agency (NGA) that helps disaster victims. Eve has been to every major disaster for the past 14 years and she will talk about what she has learned in the process. Our Guest tells you about disaster prep from a firsthand look at what works and what don’t. You do not want to miss this interview to gain valuable knowledge from a person that has lived it. Of course, as always, Dave will ask if Eve has a special deals for his listeners on here books or products, so tune in for any discount offers eve will share.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Eve Gonzales Trading Post in the Woods” in player below!

Dave had Danny Santana from Biolite on last week’s show and Danny gave a great 15% discount on ANY Biolite product if you go to Amazon to buy it and the discount code is NBCGUY15 for the link below. These are amazing products for off grid use that can cook your food, light your camp site, generate and store electivity. Don’t miss out!

Also last week Dave had Rick Austin, off grid Prepper and author of 3 must have off grid living books which are all not in PBN book store so check them out as well.

Next week Dave will tell you how to Prep on a tight budget. He will share some get items at rock bottom prices and where to get them. This is a must listen to show if you always say I don’t have enough money to prep. Dave will show you that almost everyone has enough money for these easy preps. Bring your great buys and offers to the chat room as well because everyone learns best if we learn together!

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