December 4, 2022


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Eve Gonzales of “Trading Post” visits Prepping up!

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Eve Gonzales of “Trading Post” visits Prepping up!
David Jones “Prepping Up with the Jones “Audio player provided!

Eve Gonzales of "Trading Post" visits Prepping up!Dave follows up last week’s Smallpox show with the greatly anticipated return of Eve Gonzales. The last time Eve was on we learned that she has been to every major disaster for the past 14 years and has firsthand knowledge of what works and what don’t work when the gird is down. Last time Eve talked about her book Lessons Learned and this time Eve dives deep into what is needed before disaster strikes. Her vast knowledge of homeopathic curses and what everyone needs in a disaster situation will be top on the list for this show. I am sure Eve will have some very special deals for everyone that tunes in. Don’t miss this fasted pace talk on what to do and when to do it when the SHTF!

Listen to this broadcast or download “Eve Gonzales of “Trading Post” visits Prepping up!” in player below!

The next two shows Dave will be on the road at Prepper Events and will broadcast live from each event. On 17-18 Mar Dave will be in Grayslake, Illinois at the Chicago Fair Grounds at an RK Prepper Show and on 23-24 Mar Dave will be at Mesquite Texas for the Self Reliance Expo. Both of these events are sponsored by Emergent BioSolutions maker of RSDL. Dave will be talking live to Preppers at each show and finding out what their concerns are for the future. If you are in the area swing by and see Dave at the RSDL booth.

Make the commitment, plan to tune in each week and read what other Prepper are talking about. You can get your questions answered right on the air. You can also bring up ideas for future shows and maybe even win a prize that only chat room folks can win.

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