Emergency Scenarios & Handy Tech Preps!

Emergency Scenarios where Tech Preps Come in Handy
Hosts: DirtyLew and Highlander “Tech Preps

EmergencyIn this episode of “Tech Preps,” Highlander and I will be discussing different emergency or crisis situation and how technical preps aided or could have aided in those scenarios. We will also be giving example scenarios and how technical preps could come in handy. Some of the real life examples are Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane (Tropical Storm) Irene, The Great North Ice Storm of 1998, The Ferguson, Missouri Riots and the Baltimore Riots. We will also be giving examples of potential situations that could occur and how technical preps could be of help.

We will discuss technical preps such as medical books on tablets/nooks, satellite phones, ham radio, cell phones, flash lights, signaling lights, portable defibrillators, emergency beacons, flir camera systems, and portable oxygen systems.

Emergency Deep_gorge_created_in_road_after_Hurricane_Irene_flooding,_Oliverea,_NYThese devices will help aid in rescue, lifesaving, and locating of people and animals stuck in debris of disasters or any unforeseen event where people may be hurt or trapped within a structure. The show will focus on how technology can help immensely in a rescue scenario and aid in saving lives and making things run a lot smoother for the rescuers when faced with the daunting challenge of helping people in their most dire time of need. We will discuss the devices uses and what brands to possibly look for when purchasing these items. We will talk about the advancements that have come about in the past few years with rescue related technology and the benefits it has brought with it. We always recommend people to give us feedback on anything we may have missed or anything you would like to add, thanks for listening!

Emergency Waterline wallSome examples of potential situations are: Forest Fires, Epidemic or Pandemic, Martial Law, etc. We will be going over these different real life and make believe situations and hopefully we can gain some insight from others that may have or have been affected by these issues. Also, we will be discussing about plans or scenarios that failed and what could be done to change the outcome.
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